Thursday, December 15, 2011

Death By Darjeeling by: Laura Childs

Summary of the Book:

Ordinarily, Charleston's Indigo Tea Shop is an oasis of calm. But when tea shop owner, Theodosia Browning, caters the annual Lamplighter Tour of historic homes, one of the patrons turns up dead. Never mind that it's Hughes Barron, a slightly scurrilous real estate developer. Theodosia's reputation is suddenly on the line. Aided by her friends and fellow tea shop entrepreneurs, Theo sets about to unravel the mystery of the deadly Darjeeling and encounters a number of likely suspects. Tanner Joseph, the fiery environmentalist, held a grudge against the developer for his misuse of land. Timothy Neville, the octogenarian major domo for the Heritage Society, opposed Hughes Barron's election to the board. And Barron's unsavory partner might very well profit from a cleverly written buy-sell agreement!

This series was recommended to me to read by the same relative who gave me Jane And The Unpleasantness At Scargrave Manor. Again I'm always kinda weary on new authors.
But I LOVED this book! The twists and turns of the book kept me guessing who it was till the very end. I find Theodosia a very interesting main character. She's not the typical character I usually read about. She's very brave and outspoken and knows what she wants in life. She decided she didn't want to be a advertising person anymore and said what the hay and bought the Indigo Tea Shop. She kinda stole Drayton from his old job so he'd work for her, and hired Haley cause of her culinary skills. She offers a variety of things in her little tea shop in South Carolina. She turned her world completely around for the good.
On the other hand Haley her baker/waitress for the Indigo Tea Shop is the complete opposite. She flip-flops on what career she wants. She's in college and changes majors A LOT! But she's very spirited, and compassionate towards her friend Bethany, that her indecisive nature is ruled out.
Drayton.... I love him! He's the official tea blender/tea guru of the Indigo Tea Shop. He's such a loveable character you can't help but love the book mostly because of him! He's sweet and yet formal in his unique sort of way. He's like the grandfather figure in the book. He looks after Theodosia,Haley and Bethany like any grandfather would!
I spent pretty much the entire book sipping Hot Cinnamon Sunset Tea from Harney and Sons Fine Teas. The book just screamed drink tea while reading me! :P So I brewed up some of my favorite tea sat down and enjoyed a nice evening of mystery.

If you like mysteries then you'd LOVE this book. I'm planning on reading the whole series, so stick around I'll review all the books in the Tea Shop Mystery series by Laura Childs.

Emily's Rating for This Book:

The next book will not be the next book in the series. :( I have to wait for it to come in from the Library. So I'll do the next book in the Brides of Simpson Creek series The Rancher's Courtship by Laurie Kingery.


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