Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Along Came A Cowboy - Christine Lynxwiler

Summary of the book:
Whoever told their babies not to grow up to be cowboys
didn't see the man in Dr. Rachel Donovan's waiting room.

When Rachel Donovan, a strong—willed chiropractor with
a past, meets Jack Westwood, a bull—headed cowboy
looking for a future, it looks like hate at first
fight. But when the dust settles, it may be love. Can
the chiropractor and the cowboy bridle their growing
attraction, or will love ultimately have free reign?

I've read Christine Lynxwiler before and I loved her books so I figured I'd like this book too. I did!
Rachel Donovan is a strong willed woman who knows what she wants. Although her life is changed when Jack Westwood makes an appearance in her life. They have a history (They were neighbors as kids.) and she does not want him to find out her BIG secret she's kept hidden for fifteen years. Jacks had a crush on her since he was fifteen and has made it known. But Rachel is afraid to get close to him for fear he might find out what happened almost sixteen years ago.

He finally breaks her down and she admits she's attracted to him. Every time she's with him she forgets all her troubles. But she then realizes she can't allow this relationship to go further and not tell him what she's been hiding from the entire town. So she breaks it off with him! Jack agrees to be just friends but inside he cringes at the idea of being "just friends" with the woman he loves.

The only thing I had a problem with in this book was Rachel is SO cautious about what people will think about anything she does. She's so cautious that she almost loses Jack for good because of it. You shouldn't care what people think. Their just people. Their judgement of you is nothing. God's opinion is the only one that matters!

Emily's Rating for This Book:

The next book I'll be doing is a Christmas book. I thought since it's four days till Christmas I'll read and review a Christmas book. The book is called Two From Galilee by Marjorie Holmes. It's the love story of Mary and Joseph.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Rancher's Courtship - Laurie Kingery

Summary of the Book:
Though Caroline Wallace can't have a family, she can
still have a purpose. Becoming Simpson Creek's new
schoolmarm helps heal the heartache of losing Pete,
her fiancé, to influenza. Then Pete's brother arrives,
trailing a herd of cattle and twin six-year-old girls.

Jack Collier expected Pete and his bride to care for
his daughters until he was settled in Montana. But bad
weather and worse news strand Jack in Texas until
spring. It's little wonder Caroline grows fond of
Abby and Amelia. But could such a refined, warmhearted
woman fall for a gruff rancher before the time comes
for him to leave again?

I've read the entire Brides of Simpson Creek series. And I've done a review for all but the first. I first read about Caroline in the first book Mail-Order Cowboy and read about her and Pete in Sarah's story. This book continues her story. You see she's STILL wearing mourning clothes after seven months after Pete's death! Not even half mourning! I know she loved him but that's a bit extreme. They were just engaged not married. And then you find out she's not planning on marrying at all! Caroline takes it to the extreme, and I couldn't help but be frustrated at her when reading about her in Prissys story where she says she's sworn off men.
But then Jack Collier moseys on in to town and starts changing her mind. BUT, he's a typical guy and does not make a move! Then he see she's taken an interest in another guy, he says fine I've lost her I'm done. Men! What is it with men they don't make moves!
If they like the girl they should make it known! Not stand in the background and watch her with another guy! I've seen it happen. The guy says I'm not ready yet, so he stands in the background while there's another guy interested in the girl and moves in. Then the first guy has lost something very special and won't know it till the girl's gone.
Jack Collier almost let that happen until he FINALLY came to his senses and admitted to Caroline that he loved her! She was just waiting for him to finally get up the gumption to do it.
But unfortunately some girls won't wait for the guy. They'll move on to a guy who will make a move. Guys are too chicken to admit their feelings to the girl. They're afraid they'll be turned down. Yes, I admit some girls are mean and will turn the guy down. But if she's the right girl she won't. Personally, I would never be mean and do that to a guy. I would agree to go out with him. Even if he's not the one for me at least I didn't hurt his feelings.

All in all I LOVED this book! I did get frustrated with Caroline and Jack for dancing around their feelings. But Abby and Amelia were too cute! But I love little kids, babies in particular! :P And I loved reading about the other Spinsters' Club girls. Including the ones who have already married and have started having babies.

Emily's Rating of This Book:

My next book will be Along Came A Cowboy by Christine Lynxwiler.

On another note Friday evening two of my dear friends (who are brothers) lost their grandmother to cancer. It was their mothers mother. I'm really close to them. And I consider their family my extended family. I know what their going through for I lost my Grandpa to cancer in June. So the reason I'm mentioning this is if your grandparents are still alive grab them up and give them a big hug. Cause life is short and you can lose the ones you love most in the world in a blink. I'm lucky to still have both my grandmas still here on earth, but I know that could change in a second. I only have one grandpa left and I plan on spending a lot more time with him cause I know everything could be changed and he could go be with our Heavenly Father at any minute. So spend your free time wisely, with your loved ones.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Death By Darjeeling by: Laura Childs

Summary of the Book:

Ordinarily, Charleston's Indigo Tea Shop is an oasis of calm. But when tea shop owner, Theodosia Browning, caters the annual Lamplighter Tour of historic homes, one of the patrons turns up dead. Never mind that it's Hughes Barron, a slightly scurrilous real estate developer. Theodosia's reputation is suddenly on the line. Aided by her friends and fellow tea shop entrepreneurs, Theo sets about to unravel the mystery of the deadly Darjeeling and encounters a number of likely suspects. Tanner Joseph, the fiery environmentalist, held a grudge against the developer for his misuse of land. Timothy Neville, the octogenarian major domo for the Heritage Society, opposed Hughes Barron's election to the board. And Barron's unsavory partner might very well profit from a cleverly written buy-sell agreement!

This series was recommended to me to read by the same relative who gave me Jane And The Unpleasantness At Scargrave Manor. Again I'm always kinda weary on new authors.
But I LOVED this book! The twists and turns of the book kept me guessing who it was till the very end. I find Theodosia a very interesting main character. She's not the typical character I usually read about. She's very brave and outspoken and knows what she wants in life. She decided she didn't want to be a advertising person anymore and said what the hay and bought the Indigo Tea Shop. She kinda stole Drayton from his old job so he'd work for her, and hired Haley cause of her culinary skills. She offers a variety of things in her little tea shop in South Carolina. She turned her world completely around for the good.
On the other hand Haley her baker/waitress for the Indigo Tea Shop is the complete opposite. She flip-flops on what career she wants. She's in college and changes majors A LOT! But she's very spirited, and compassionate towards her friend Bethany, that her indecisive nature is ruled out.
Drayton.... I love him! He's the official tea blender/tea guru of the Indigo Tea Shop. He's such a loveable character you can't help but love the book mostly because of him! He's sweet and yet formal in his unique sort of way. He's like the grandfather figure in the book. He looks after Theodosia,Haley and Bethany like any grandfather would!
I spent pretty much the entire book sipping Hot Cinnamon Sunset Tea from Harney and Sons Fine Teas. The book just screamed drink tea while reading me! :P So I brewed up some of my favorite tea sat down and enjoyed a nice evening of mystery.

If you like mysteries then you'd LOVE this book. I'm planning on reading the whole series, so stick around I'll review all the books in the Tea Shop Mystery series by Laura Childs.

Emily's Rating for This Book:

The next book will not be the next book in the series. :( I have to wait for it to come in from the Library. So I'll do the next book in the Brides of Simpson Creek series The Rancher's Courtship by Laurie Kingery.


Monday, December 12, 2011

Jane And The Unpleasantness At Scargrave Manor - Stephanie Barron

Summary of the book:

For everyone who loves Jane Austen...a marvelously
entertaining new series that turns the incomparable
author into an extraordinary sleuth!

On a visit to the estate of her friend, the young and
beautiful Isobel Payne, Countess of Scargrave,
Jane bears witness to a tragedy. Isobel's husband—a
gentleman of mature years—is felled by a mysterious
and agonizing ailment. The Earl's death seems a cruel
blow of fate for the newly married Isobel. Yet the
bereaved widow soon finds that it's only the beginning
of her she receives a sinister missive
accusing her and the Earl's nephew of adultery—and
murder. Desperately afraid that the letter will expose
her to the worst sort of scandal, Isobel begs Jane for
help. And Jane finds herself embroiled in a perilous
investigation that will soon have her following a
trail of clues that leads all the way to Newgate
Prison and the House of Lords—a trail that may well
place Jane's own person in the gravest jeopardy.

My first review since being sick! I'm SUPER excited!
This book was given to me by a relative who has the same taste in books as me and knew I LOVED to read. I was given this book in the beginning of November but was not able to read it till now. But now that I can read I will continue my reviews!

This book definitely caught my attention with the fact that Jane Austen is the main character! I'm a HUGE Janeite. This book is like you're reading Jane Austens journal! It's so fascinating! I loved this book! It kept me intrigued throughout the entire book! First I'd think it was this person then this person and ends up being the person you'd never suspect! It's so Jane Austenish! I felt like I was reading one of Jane's books! And throughout the book there's Editor's Notes that helps you understand some of the things mentioned in the book. I'd definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves Jane Austen books. You'll be in for a treat!

Emily's Rating For This Book:

On another note, thank you all so much for the prayers sent my way for my health! I am doing MUCH better. I'm still ALWAYS tired but that's expected. I'm doing rehab exercises to help me gain my strength back. My back is healing, it does not hurt all the time anymore only if I pick up something heavy or bend to much. I have been able to leave the house! For two weeks now I've been able to make the trip to church on Wednesday and am able to stay the entire time! I have been keeping a count of how many days I've been able to go without having to go in for a spinal tap. It's been 22 days! I'm praying to go for WAY more than that. I know that in the future I will have to go back eventually because this condition does not go away. I'll live with this my entire life. But God is good and I know He will protect me.

My next book will be Death By Darjeeling by Laura Childs!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Praising the Lord!

I got a good report!! The eye doctor said the swelling in my optical nerves have gone down! They also said I can read again!! I'm so happy I'm jumping up and down praising the Lord!!

I will continue the reviews but I won't start with Save The Date sorry! I've been through so much I don't remember much of the book! I will start with a book one of my relatives gave me while I was sick cause she knew how much I enjoyed reading. So I'll start with that one.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I thought I'd update y'all on me.

My condition started with just a headache on Oct. 21 then two days later the nausea started than my neck started hurting the next day. I was taken to the urgent center thinking it was meningitis. At first the doctors thought it was just a virus sent me home saying just to wait it out. Well I was home for a week getting sicker and sicker till my eye sight got bad. I was seeing double and my vision was so blurry I couldn't see anything. I was taken back to the urgent center and they sent me to Saint Francis thinking it was meningitis again. I went through the emergency center and they did several tests on me and said it was definitely not meningitis but they did not know what it was.
Well I was diagnosed with Pseudo Tumor. That's when the brain thinks there's a tumor when there's not and makes A LOT more spinal fluid then the body needs. The fluid puts a ton of pressure on the brain, eyes, and spinal cord causing extreme pain in the head, neck and back.
I was admitted to the hospital on Oct. 30th. They did three spinal taps on me while in the hospital. I was released from the hospital a week later on Nov. 6th.
Well two days later the symptoms of the Pseudo Tumor came back. The headache, neck-ache, backache, nausea, and seeing double. I was admitted again to the hospital they did another spinal tap on me and I was discharged the next day. They then sent me to a eye specialist two hours away from where I live. I went straight from the hospital to the car for a two hour drive to the specialist. They said I could go blind in a matter of days or weeks! I was then sent home again. They put me on a medicine that hopefully will save my eye sight.
Four days later the symptoms came back. I was rushed to the hospital again and they did another spinal tap on me. I was discharged the next day. I had to go to the eye specialist again the next day after that. The swelling was sorta going down on my optical nerves meaning I was not going to go blind!
Well five days later the symptoms came back! I was AGAIN admitted into the hospital. By now my back was so swollen from all the spinal taps the doctors did not feel comfortable doing a spinal tap on me. They waited till the next day to do one. So I was in the hospital for three days this time. I was discharged again and sent home. They put me on another medication hoping this will keep the spinal fluid to a normal level. I am currently on seven medications hoping all these will keep me out of the hospital.
I have been out of the hospital for ten days now!! I am really weak this time cause the doctor who did my last spinal tap hit a nerve and now I'm weak, tired and my right leg hurts all the time now. But I'm getting stronger and I'm going to the eye specialist again tomorrow to test my vision. I praying I get a good review. Please pray I get a good review and don't have to take the two hour trip again.

That's all that's been going on with me for this long time. I promise I will get back to my reviews once I get the okay to read again. I was told reading would put strain on my eyes and they are trying to heal so no reading for me! But I will get back to it.

God bless!

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Sorry I have not posted in a long time. For a week I thought I just had a stomach virus but turned out much worse. I ended up in the hospital with something called pseudo tumor. It's when my brain thinks I have a tumor when I don't. I have been in the hospital since Sunday. But I've been sick since last Friday. As soon as I am much better I promise I will blog my review on Save The Date by Jenny B. Jones. Right now I'm still in the hospital but a friend of minelet me borrow her IPhone so I can still be in touch with the outside world. God bless!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The "Tell Me About Yourself" Blog Award

The Rules:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award.
2. Reveal seven things about yourself.
2. Pass the award on to 15 other bloggers. Leave a comment on each blog, telling them that you've nominated them for this award.

Thanks Gwendolyn Gage from Serving Through Words for nominating me for this award!

Seven Things About Me:
1. I've been homeschooled my entire life! And LOVE it!
2. I'm a HUGE history junkie! :D
3. I LOVE farms but don't live on one. Wish I did though.
4. I'm in my third year of homeschooled high school. And by the way I love my teacher! (My mom.)
5. My favorite movie is any old black and white movies and Gone With The Wind.
6. I'm TERRIFIED of heights!
7. I will be taking classes next semester to become a certified Birthing Doula and then in my Senior I'll be taking classes to become a certified Midwife!

My List of Award-Worthy Bloggers (in no particular order):
1. Serving Through Words
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15. Books and Such

If you are one of the 15 blogs I nominated and would like to pass it on, copy the blog award to a post, reveal 7 things about yourself, and pass this award on to 15 other bloggers of your choice. Congrats!

Friday, October 21, 2011

A Billion Reasons Why - Kristin Billerbeck

Summary of This Book:
There are a billion reasons Kate should marry her current boyfriend.
Will she trade them all to be madly in love?
Katie McKenna leads a perfect life.
She has a fulfilling job, cute apartment, and a wedding to plan with her soon-to-be fiance Dexter. She can think of a billion reasons why she should marry Dexter. He's everything she wants in a husband.
And then in walks Luc DeForges, her bold, breathtaking ex-boyfriend. Only now he's a millionaire. And he wants her to go home to New Orleans to sing for his brother's wedding. As his date.
But Katie made up her mind about Luc eight years ago, when she fled their hometown after a very public break-up. Yet there's still a magnetism between them she can't deny.
Katie thought her predictable relationship with Dexter would be the bedrock of a lasting, Christian marriage. But what if there's more? What if God's desire for her is a heart full of life? And what if that's what Luc has offered all along?

First off this is the first book I've ever read of Kristin Billerbeck. This book was actually recommended for me to read. I read the description and thought sure. I'm always weary when it comes to reading a new author I've never read from. I wasn't sure I was going to like it.
Well I was wrong. I LOVED it! I read it in less than a day! It had me laughing from the first chapter! The chemistry between Katie and Luc had me wishing for a Luc in my life! And it wasn't for the money, but that be nice too! :D
I'm like them in a sense I love the forties. Not to their extent but I love the old movies, music, clothes etc. But I'm a history junkie :P. I've always been a fan of the years past. When the world was a simpler time. The guys were gentlemen, the girls acted and dressed like ladies etc. I'd love to be able to sing and dance like Audrey Hepburn, Ginger Rogers, Fred Astaire etc. etc. I love everything that is the forties-fifties era. I also am a fan of the early 1900's, especially the 1920's. I just LOVE the past. Times were simpler, cheaper, just better.
The entire book I was rooting for Luc to prove his love to Katie. She kept passing it off as his charm and that he did that with every woman when in reality he only ever had eyes for her. Which is SO sweet! I wish a guy would do that for me! The things he did for her was so romantic it made me sigh in the typical woman fashion when she sees a romantic thing. I'm sure when you read this book you'll sigh and wish for a Luc DeForges.

Emily's Rating For This Book:

My next book will be Save The Date by Jenny B. Jones.

God bless!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Choice - Nicholas Sparks

Summary of This Book:
Travis Parker has everything a man could want:
a good job, loyal friends, even a waterfront home in
small-town North Carolina. In full pursuit of the good
life -- boating, swimming, and regular barbecues
with his good-natured buddies -- he holds the vague
conviction that a serious relationship with a woman
would only cramp his style. That is, until Gabby
Holland moves in next door. Despite his attempts to
be neighborly, the appealing redhead seems to have a
chip on her shoulder about him...and the presence of
her longtime boyfriend doesn't help. Despite himself,
Travis can't stop trying to ingratiate himself with
his new neighbor, and his persistent efforts lead
them both to the doorstep of a journey that neither
could have foreseen. Spanning the eventful years of
young love, marriage and family, The Choice
ultimately confronts us with the most heartwrenching
question of all: how far would you go to keep the
hope of love alive?

I have to say I LOVE Nicholas Sparks! True I've only read two other books of his before this one, but still. You can love an author after only two books. I've only read The Last Song and Dear John. So obviously I was ready for a heartwrenching story.
This book there and beyond heartwrenching. It also left me a tad confused. The prologue was set in 2007, then the first chapter was in 1996. Then there was the Part 2 and that was in 2007 as well. Confusing keeping up. Nicholas kept me wondering what on earth happened to Gabby.
I love Nicholas Sparks but sadly this book is not one of his best. I loved the two other books I read of his. But this book I don't know just lacked something. At least this book didn't have a sad ending like The Last Song and Dear John. I did like Part 1, it kept me laughing and wanting to keep reading. But Part 2 lacked finesse.

Emily's Rating For This Book:

My next book will be a new author for me. A Billion Reasons Why by Kristin Billerbeck.

God bless!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wyoming Sweethearts - Jillian Hart

Summary of This Book:
Where Do Lonely Hearts Go?
The chance to rescue abandoned horses has
given Eloise Tipple the fresh start she needs.
After losing her skating career and fiance,
she returns home to Wild Horse, Wyoming to work
at a beautiful inn and man the stables.
Sean Granger has also come home to nurse
some emotional wounds and would like nothing
more than to pursue life as a lone wolf.
Both say they want nothing more than friendship.
But while saving homeless horses, can Sean and
Eloise save each other and heal their wounds?

As y'all can tell by now I like Jillian Hart. :P There will be one more Jillian Hart book.
I liked this book I didn't love it. The storyline is almost similar to Building A Family by Lyn Cote. Both have bad pasts in relationships so their going to shy away from all romantic relationships. Except they both have an attraction to each other. But their not wanting to admit it. The attraction slowly grows to love. But still their not wanting to admit it. Eloise thinks cause she has a limp and has to use a cane no guy is going to be interested in her. Uh, if he's the right guy he won't even notice the limp. He'll love you for you. *Spoiler Alert* Sean even told her "When I look at you I don't see the limp I only see you." That should've been a light bulb in her brain.
I know, I have the same problems. I don't exactly have a model figure, so I feel no guys are gonna look at me and think I'm pretty. I'm pretty sure every woman struggles with that. But we all have to remember that if he's the right man God's chosen for us he's not gonna care. "The LORD does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart" 1 Samuel 16:7. That's my life lesson for today :D.

Emily's Rating for This Book:

The next book I'll be doing is The Choice by Nicholas Sparks. I've got my tissues ready!

God bless!

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Doctor's Lady - Jody Hedlund

Summary of This Book:

Priscilla White knows she'll never be a wife or mother
and feels God's call to the mission field in India.
Dr. Eli Ernest is back from Oregon Country only long
enough to raise awareness of missions to the natives
before heading out West once more. But then Priscilla
and Eli both receive news from the mission board:
No longer will they send unmarried men and women
into the field.

Left scrambling for options, the two realize the
other might be the answer to their needs. Priscilla
and Eli agree to a partnership, a marriage in name
only that will allow them to follow God's leading
into the mission field. But as they journey west,
this decision will be tested by the hardships of the
trip and by the unexpected turnings of their hearts.

I saw this book on another rating blog ( and wanted to read it instantly! The book instantly had me hooked. I've said this before but I'll say it again. I LOVE convenient marriages story lines. It's always funny when the main characters are trying their HARDEST to NOT fall in love with their spouse! I just think it's ironically funny. *Spoiler Alert* I felt sorry for Priscilla when I found out she could not have kids. Every woman once in their lifetime longs for the feeling of a human life growing inside them.
I found myself laughing out loud in several scenes. The quarrels between Priscilla and Eli are HILARIOUS!
Y'all definitely need to read t his book!

Emily's Rating of This Book:

My next book I'll be doing is Wyoming Sweethearts by Jillian Hart.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Building A Family - Lynn Cote

Summary of the Book:

Lawyer Eleanor Washburn defends wayward teenagers
and supervises volunteers for Habitat for Humanity
without missing a beat. But she is unnerved by
fascinating single dad

Pete Beck—especially since his chaotic life includes
a little girl wishing for a mother. Sweet Cassie has
Eleanor yearning for what's been missing from her
lonely existence. Soon, both dad and daughter are
chipping away at Eleanor's defenses. Can she find
the courage to risk losing her heart to this
ready-made family?

This book is the third book of Lynn Cote's series New Friends Street. I read the second book Daddy In The Making and I liked it. So I checked my local library and they had the third book!
Although it wasn't the best book. I found the storyline predictable and boring. We ALL have things in our past that's hurt us. Doesn't mean we shy away from relationships cause of it. You had a bad marriage well obviously that was NOT the one God's chosen for you.
I have to say I didn't hate the book. I loved that Eleanor wishes to adopt (I have an adopted brother). And the work she does for Habitat For Humanity is admirable. But cause you've had two bad engagements doesn't mean you run from relationships. God most likely had that all planned so she could learn in the future what kind of man NOT to choose.
My favorite character was Cassie. I'm a sucker when it comes to little kids. But what woman isn't? Cassie would make me want a little girl of my own.

Emily's Rating of This Book:

Next book I'll be doing is The Doctor's Lady by Jody Hedlund.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Confidential Life of Eugenia Cooper - Kathleen Y'Barbo/ Patchwork Bride - Jillian Hart

Summary of the book:

This Wild West adventure just might be the life
she was meant to live.

The future is clearly mapped out for New York
socialite Eugenia “Gennie” Cooper,
but she secretly longs to slip into the boots of
her favorite dime-novel heroine and experience
just one adventure before settling down.
When the opportunity arises, Gennie jumps at the
chance to experience the Wild West, but her plans
go awry when she is drawn into the lives of silver
baron Daniel Beck and his daughter and finds herself
caring for them more than is prudent–especially
as she’s supposed to go back to New York and marry
another man.

As Gennie adapts to the rough-and-tumble world
of 1880s Colorado, she must decide whether her
future lies with the enigmatic Daniel Beck or back
home with the life planned for her since birth.
The question is whether Daniel’s past–and disgruntled
miners bent on revenge–will take that choice away
from her.

I've only read one of Kathleen Y'Barbo books. But the description and the front cover caught me.
Now I don't have the same life as Eugenia "Gennie" but I wish for the same thing she does. I wish for a adventurous life like in the books I read. I pray God would give me something different in my life. I've always longed for something to happen that's never happened in my life ever! Which is kinda like what Gennie wants. Well she gets it. She sneaks off to Denver CO. to have a Wild West adventure! Now I'd never anything like that. But if I had a chance to visit Colorado or Montana I'd most likely take it! But I'd tell my family I was going!
I really liked this book. It had me laughing throughout it. I loved the relationship between Gennie and Daniel. And Charlotte also cracked me up!

Emily's Rating for This Book:

Next book:

Summary for This Book:

At last, Meredith Worthington is returning to
Angel Falls, Montana. Now that she's escaped
the matchmaking and scheming of her East Coast
finishing school, she can follow her dream of
becoming a teacher. And perhaps get to know
Shane Connelly, the intriguing new wrangler on her
father's ranch....

Shane had a bellyful of "eligible ladies" back East.
So he left them -- and his high-society family --
behind. Meredith reminds him of everything he'd
like to forget, yet he can't resist her charm.
But will love have time to blossom before she
discovers the secret he's been hiding all along?

I don't know this book was not one Jillian Hart's best. I found myself sometimes yelling at the book. Meredith is really hurt when Shane judges her just cause of her name. But then she turns around and does the EXACT SAME thing to him! I was really hoping she'd have an epiphany and say "Hm, he hurt me when he judged me, and yet here I am judging him. Maybe I should see it from his point of view." Nope not till the second to LAST chapter! I was sadly disappointed by this book.

Now when I was reading this I was at a cabin and got to read this while feeling the breeze off the lake! I had the most AWESOME time there. Very relaxing! If you're ever in OK you should definitely check out Lee's Resort at Grand Lake.

View off the porch of the cabin!

Emily's Rating of This Book:

The next book I'll be doing is Building A Family by Lynn Cote.

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Help - Kathryn Stockett

Summary of the book:

Three ordinary women are about to take one
extraordinary step.

Twenty-two-year-old Skeeter has just returned home
after graduating from Ole Miss. She may have a degree,
but it is 1962, Mississippi, and her mother will
not be happy till Skeeter has a ring on her finger.
Skeeter would normally find solace with her beloved
maid Constantine, the woman who raised her,
but Constantine has disappeared and no one will tell
Skeeter where she has gone.

Aibileen is a black maid, a wise, regal woman
raising her seventeenth white child. Something has
shifted inside her after the loss of her own son,
who died while his bosses looked the other way.
She is devoted to the little girl she looks after,
though she knows both their hearts may be broken.

Minny, Aibileen's best friend, is short, fat,
and perhaps the sassiest woman in Mississippi.
She can cook like nobody's business, but she can't
mind her tongue, so she's lost yet another job.
Minny finally finds a position working for someone
too new to town to know her reputation. But her new
boss has secrets of her own.

Seemingly as different from one another as can be,
these women will nonetheless come together for a
clandestine project that will put them all at risk.
And why? Because they are suffocating within the
lines that define their town and their times.
And sometimes lines are made to be crossed.

I heard about The Help first when I saw the commercial for the movie. Then I found out it was a book! Well now I've got to read it! I ALWAYS like to read the book before I watch the movie. For awhile I thought I wouldn't be able to do that cause I'm poor and can't afford to buy books, I go to my library. But my library has 170 holds on the book! But thanks to a friend I was able to read it!

I LOVED it! The style of writing is PHENOMENAL! I love how Kathryn has it in different perspectives. She has it as Aibileen, Minny, and Skeeter. They are the main characters and she switches between their thoughts and lives. She wrote the book with such accuracy you'd think you was in the 1960's. The dialogue is different for every character.

I found myself laughing out loud almost on every page! The lives of these women are so different yet somehow they find a way to connect to each other. Through this book that "Miss" Skeeter has decided to write about black women working for white women. My favorite character has to be Minny! She's got a personality a mile wide and had me laughing the most! She's got spunk, wit and a mouth on her! Which makes even more enjoyable!

I can't wait to go see this movie! This is definitely a book I'd recommend to anybody! The only thing that's wrong with it (which can't be helped cause that's how they talked) is the language in the book.

Emily's Rating of This Book:

The next book I'll be doing is The Confidential Life Of Eugenia Cooper by Kathleen Y'Barbo. I might a little late on this cause I'm going camping this week so I might have to combine two books into one post.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ransome's Honor - Kaye Dacus

Summary of the book:

Once Youthful Sweethearts—Can Their Love Be Renewed?

When young Julia Witherington doesn’t receive the
proposal for marriage she expects from William Ransome,
she determines to never forgive him. They go their
separate ways—she returns to her family’s Caribbean
plantation, and he returns to the Royal Navy.

Now, twelve years later, Julia is about to receive a
substantial inheritance, including her beloved
plantation. When unscrupulous relatives try to gain
the inheritance by forcing her into a marriage,
she turns to the only eligible man to whom her father,
Admiral Sir Edward Witherington, will not object—his
most trusted captain and the man who broke Julia’s
heart, William Ransome. Julia offers William her
thirty-thousand-pound dowry to feign marriage for
one year, but then something she never imagined
happens: She starts to fall in love with him again.

Can two people overcome their hurt, reconcile their
conflicting desires, and find a way to be happy
together? Duty and honor, faith and love are
intertwined in this intriguing tale from the
Regency era.

Okay, so I read the description and I thought to myself, convenient marriage! I LOVE those type of romances. But sadly I was disappointed. I was hoping that Julia rushes into a marriage with William, then they slowly fall back in love! Nope. I was forcing myself to finish the book. Now this is just my opinion others might have thought this a wonderful book. Don't choose not to read this book cause you read my review. Check some others out. This is actually part of a trilogy. I can easily say I will not be reading the next two books in the series. I might try out some of Kaye's other books to see if all her books are like this one. Sadly this book didn't do it for me.

Emily's Rating of This Book:

The next book I'll be doing The Help by Kathryn Stockett! I've been waiting endlessly to read it and now I am!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

His Holiday Bride - Jillian Hart

Summary of the book:
Big-city sheriffs don't belong in tiny Wild Horse,
Wyoming. At least that's what rancher Autumn Granger
thinks when handsome Ford Sherman sweeps into town
and sets his sights on her. A country cowgirl,
she can't possibly be his match. Like most newcomers,
he'll eventually get restless with small-town life
and leave it—and her—behind. But when rustlers
attack her family's ranch, Ford helps her protect
Granger territory. She finds herself hoping that
he really is in Wild Horse to stay. Could her
holiday wish of a happily ever after with this
handsome lawman come true?

Jillian Hart was actually the author that got me reading Christian Romances. The first Christian romance I read was from her series the McKaslin Clan: A McKaslin Homecoming. I really liked that book so much I decided to read more of hers. That led to reading any Christian romance I could get my hands on!
So hear it is two years later and I'm now reading through her Granger Family Ranch series. I read the first book in that series, and in that book I admired Autumn for her spunk. I've loved reading the series, reading about their family. I enjoy that Jillian continues the other family members story throughout the books. In this book His Holiday Bride Justin and Rori who got together in the third book, (Technically the first cause it's the first of Frank Granger's family.) The Rancher's Promise . And now in His Holiday Bride we read about their wedding.
I really enjoyed this book. Sometimes I feel like Autumn, not wanting to trust guys to date. (Well, I've never dated but I feel like shouldn't trust them.) Sometimes guys can be so untrustworthy to the point I don't feel like trusting them enough to date. Autumn feels the same but, she has had guys say she's unlovable cause she likes working right next to her father and brother. Then she meets Ford Sherman, a guy who is instantly attracted to her especially for her love of working the ranch. He ends up spending most of the book trying to show her he loves her. I want a guy like that! :D You should definitely read her series Granger Family Ranch!

Emily's Rating of the Book:

The next book I'll be doing is Ransome's Honor by Kaye Dacus.

Friday, September 30, 2011

The Outlaw's Lady - Laurie Kingery

Summary from the back of the book:

She challenged his faith...
and stole his heart

Rebellious rancher's
daughter Tess Hennessy seeks adventure--
and that's what she gets when she's abducted
to chronicle the Delgado gang's exploits!
Yet her kidnapper, gang member Sandoval Parrish,
isn't what she expected.
There's more to the mysterious outlaw than he shows
--signs of gentleness and devotion that soften
Tess's heart.

Sandoval has one goal--retribution for the sister
Delgado ruined. He hasn't the time to fall for
the stubborn, beautiful photographer whose
pictures he needs as evidence.
But what can Sandoval do when his plan
puts Tess in danger? Torn between the drive
for revenge and a new-found love, Sandoval
will need his renewed faith to resolve the past...
and claim the future.

"Laurie Kingery brings
the west to delicious life in her
latest Steeple Hill historical!
THE OUTLAW'S LADY blends adventure,
faith, and a rich sense of place
in the story of Tess, a frontier photographer,
and Sandoval, a mysterious,
irresistible man who may be a villain—or
the love of her life. A wonderful read!"

I've realized I've only read historicals! I like modern times romances too!
Okay let me start off by saying I usually read about 2-3 chapters of the book before I go to bed, depending on how long the chapters are. Well with this book not the case! I just finished the book last night reading till 2:00 AM! It was SO good! Laurie Kingery KNOWS how to write! I felt like I was standing right next to Tess seeing and feeling everything she was! And I've always liked books where the main girl isn't some prissy, swooning ninny! Tess DEFINITELY has a back bone! And I LOVED Sandoval! The mysterious dark stranger type always catches my fancy! LOL I mean what girl wouldn't like a dark handsome "bad boy"? :P

Emily's Rating of This Book:

My next book will be His Holiday Bride by Jillian Hart.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I thought I'd post this.
If anyone thinks of a book they would like me to review and rate leave it in a comment below or contact me in an email.

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Hope everyone is having a blessed day!

God bless!

The Apothecary's Daughter - Julie Klassen

Lilly Haswell remembers everything—whether
she wants to, or not....
As Lilly toils in her father's apothecary,
preparing herbs and remedies by rote,
she is haunted by memories of her mother's
disappearance. Villagers whisper the tale,
but her father refuses to discuss it.
All the while, she dreams of the world
beyond—of travel and adventure and romance.

When a relative offers to host her in London,
Lilly discovers the pleasures and pitfalls
of fashionable society and suitors,
as well as clues about her mother.
But will Lilly find what she is searching
for—the truth of the past and a
love for the future?

Blending romance, family drama,
and fascinating historical detail,
The Apothecary's Daughter is a novel
to savor and share.

Okay so I've only read one book of Julie Klassen and loved it. So I thought I'd check out another one of her books. I read the description of this book and thought what the hay? And I've ALWAYS loved books that included medicinal anything! I've always been interested in that field. When I started reading I was instantly hooked. I loved reading about all the different herbs they used. (Well cause my mom does herbs. And I knew most of them :D)
This book had suspense, humor, and the always appreciated love triangle or love square whatever you'd like to call it! I love reading those cause it adds humor all it's self! Throughout the book I was rooting for one specific guy (I won't mention names I'll just let y'all choose.) The back and forth Lilly was doing in choosing which guy she liked was a bit annoying, I always hate when girls do that, but all in all I LOVED the book. I'd recommend this book to anyone who loves historical fiction with a bit of drama mixed in.

Emily's Rating of this book:

The next book I'll be doing is The Outlaw's Lady by Laurie Kingery.