Friday, October 21, 2011

A Billion Reasons Why - Kristin Billerbeck

Summary of This Book:
There are a billion reasons Kate should marry her current boyfriend.
Will she trade them all to be madly in love?
Katie McKenna leads a perfect life.
She has a fulfilling job, cute apartment, and a wedding to plan with her soon-to-be fiance Dexter. She can think of a billion reasons why she should marry Dexter. He's everything she wants in a husband.
And then in walks Luc DeForges, her bold, breathtaking ex-boyfriend. Only now he's a millionaire. And he wants her to go home to New Orleans to sing for his brother's wedding. As his date.
But Katie made up her mind about Luc eight years ago, when she fled their hometown after a very public break-up. Yet there's still a magnetism between them she can't deny.
Katie thought her predictable relationship with Dexter would be the bedrock of a lasting, Christian marriage. But what if there's more? What if God's desire for her is a heart full of life? And what if that's what Luc has offered all along?

First off this is the first book I've ever read of Kristin Billerbeck. This book was actually recommended for me to read. I read the description and thought sure. I'm always weary when it comes to reading a new author I've never read from. I wasn't sure I was going to like it.
Well I was wrong. I LOVED it! I read it in less than a day! It had me laughing from the first chapter! The chemistry between Katie and Luc had me wishing for a Luc in my life! And it wasn't for the money, but that be nice too! :D
I'm like them in a sense I love the forties. Not to their extent but I love the old movies, music, clothes etc. But I'm a history junkie :P. I've always been a fan of the years past. When the world was a simpler time. The guys were gentlemen, the girls acted and dressed like ladies etc. I'd love to be able to sing and dance like Audrey Hepburn, Ginger Rogers, Fred Astaire etc. etc. I love everything that is the forties-fifties era. I also am a fan of the early 1900's, especially the 1920's. I just LOVE the past. Times were simpler, cheaper, just better.
The entire book I was rooting for Luc to prove his love to Katie. She kept passing it off as his charm and that he did that with every woman when in reality he only ever had eyes for her. Which is SO sweet! I wish a guy would do that for me! The things he did for her was so romantic it made me sigh in the typical woman fashion when she sees a romantic thing. I'm sure when you read this book you'll sigh and wish for a Luc DeForges.

Emily's Rating For This Book:

My next book will be Save The Date by Jenny B. Jones.

God bless!


Rissi said...

Still have to read this one. So glad to know you liked it, Emily - my mom read it and thought it was really cute. I've read several of Kristin's other works like "Split Ends," but have as yet to read her latest. =)

Enjoy "Save the Date." It is SO sweet... cute... romantic... and funny! =D

Gwendolyn Gage said...

This sounds like a good book! An ex-boyfriend millionaire...hmm. I love the forties and fifties era too! Also, I've nominated you for the "Tell Me About Yourself" Blog Award over at Congratulations!