Saturday, October 15, 2011

Building A Family - Lynn Cote

Summary of the Book:

Lawyer Eleanor Washburn defends wayward teenagers
and supervises volunteers for Habitat for Humanity
without missing a beat. But she is unnerved by
fascinating single dad

Pete Beck—especially since his chaotic life includes
a little girl wishing for a mother. Sweet Cassie has
Eleanor yearning for what's been missing from her
lonely existence. Soon, both dad and daughter are
chipping away at Eleanor's defenses. Can she find
the courage to risk losing her heart to this
ready-made family?

This book is the third book of Lynn Cote's series New Friends Street. I read the second book Daddy In The Making and I liked it. So I checked my local library and they had the third book!
Although it wasn't the best book. I found the storyline predictable and boring. We ALL have things in our past that's hurt us. Doesn't mean we shy away from relationships cause of it. You had a bad marriage well obviously that was NOT the one God's chosen for you.
I have to say I didn't hate the book. I loved that Eleanor wishes to adopt (I have an adopted brother). And the work she does for Habitat For Humanity is admirable. But cause you've had two bad engagements doesn't mean you run from relationships. God most likely had that all planned so she could learn in the future what kind of man NOT to choose.
My favorite character was Cassie. I'm a sucker when it comes to little kids. But what woman isn't? Cassie would make me want a little girl of my own.

Emily's Rating of This Book:

Next book I'll be doing is The Doctor's Lady by Jody Hedlund.

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