Thursday, March 1, 2012

Unlawfully Wedded Bride - Noelle Marchand

Summary Of The Book:
Kate O'Brien can't believe her ears.
She's been married, by proxy, to a man she's never
met, thanks to her young siblings' meddling Kate
offers her "groom" room and board at her farm until
the annulment is granted--nothing more. After all,
what else could this predicament be but a blunder
that needs fixing?

Nathan Rutledge arrives on Kate's doorstep,
seeking a fresh start--with a family that needs
his help more than Kate will admit. The shadows
in both their pasts will be no match for a bright
new beginning. But first, he has to convince a woman
frightened of love to throw caution to the Texas

About The Author:

Noelle Marchand's love of literature began as a
child when she would spend hours reading beneath
the covers long after she was supposed to be asleep.
Over the years, God began prompting her to write
by placing ideas for stories in her head. Eventually,
those stories became like “fire shut up in her
bones” leading her to complete her first novel
by her sixteenth birthday.

Though life as a college student keeps her busy,
God continues to use her talent for writing as a
way to deepen her spiritual life and draw her
closer to Him.

This caught my eye when I was cruising Amazon in the Christian Romance section. It looked good so I clicked on it. I read the description and I was like yeah, I'm buying this book!
I love the either marriage of convenience or just married by accident stories they always crack me up!
I loved Kate's character. She's so strong and she's willing to do anything for her family. Even stay married to Nathan knowing he can help with the farm. Even with all the tragedies she's had in her life she kept her faith through it all. She lost her parents, and then she was fooled by a guy thinking he liked her when in truth all he wanted was her inheritance. And when he found out she didn't have any he left her. So she was left to take care of the farm her parents had. While taking care of her little siblings Sean and Ellie.
Until she finds out her siblings order her a mail order groom! They sent out several letters to different guys but didn't like anyone of them except Nathan Rutledge. So imagine Kate's surprise when she finds Nathan at her door step saying their married! Then when she says they need to get an annulment the judge is out of town and won't be back for three months or more. So they decide to stay married till the judge comes back. Nathan helps with the work on the farm and during the three months' time they fall in love with each other!

Emily's Rating Of This Book:

The next book I'll be reading will be A Convenient Wife by Anna Schmidt.

God Bless!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Shades Of Earl Grey - Laura Childs

Summary Of This Book:
Theo is mingling with the cream of Charleston society
at the engagement soiree of the season.
But as they eagerly await the dazzling young couple's arrival,
the groom meets with a freak accident.
The exquisite wedding ring a family heirloom from
the crown of Marie Antoinette is mysteriously missing,
and Theodosia suspects that trouble is brewing.
But when she goes to the authorities, they treat her
like she's been reading tea leaves -- and that's the
surest way to put Theodosia's kettle on the boil . . .

About The Author:

Laura Childs is the New York Times bestselling author of the Tea Shop Mysteries,
Scrapbook Mysteries, and Cackleberry Club Mysteries. She is married to a professor of Chinese art history, loves to travel, rides horses, enjoys fund raising for various non-profits, and has two Chinese Shar-Pei dogs. Laura specializes in cozy mysteries that have the pace of a thriller.

I've read and reviewed the last two books of this series. I've liked every single one! But I love mysteries and of course tea! I have come up with this kind of rule that when I'm reading one of these books if it's named after a kind of tea, I'm going to drink that tea while reading the book. So... This book is named Shades Of Earl Grey, so that's what I drank, Earl Grey tea! I've gotten quite a collection of tea since hearing of this series.

Theodosia Browning has been busily working on a line of tea-based bath products for her growing business, but first she is attending the engagement party for Camille Cantroux, Theodosia's friend Delaine's niece. In the garden room, Camille's wedding ring, dating back to Marie Antoinette, is on display for the guests.

Before Theodosia gets a chance to admire the heirloom, the roof of the glass atrium collapses, leaving Camille's fiancé dead and the ring box empty. Theodosia can't imagine one of the party guests walking off with the ring during the crash and promises, with the help of her tea shop assistant Drayton, to search through the glass rubble to locate the ring. Even though Theodosia knows she has more important things to worry about, she knows her friend and fellow merchant Delaine is distraught over the accident and the missing ring.

Discreetly, Theodosia begins making inquiries and realizes that someone is stealing personal and often priceless heirlooms from Charleston residents. Theodosia is sure the only way to catch the thief is to set a trap and since the police, including her somewhat partner in crime, Detective Burt Tidwell, aren't inclined to take Theodosia seriously, she and Drayton take matters into their own hands.

I loved reading about the different schemes Theodosia comes up with to catch the cat burglar of the Historic Society.

Emily's Rating Of This Book:

The next book is Unlawfully Wedded Bride by Noelle Marchand.

God bless!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lady In The Mist - Laurie Alice Eakes

Summary of This Book:
By virtue of her profession as a midwife,
Tabitha Eckles is the keeper of many secrets:
the names of fathers of illegitimate children, the
level of love and harmony within many a marriage,
and now the identity of a man who may have caused his
wife's death. Dominick Cherrett is a man with his own
secret to keep: namely, what he, a British nobleman,
is doing on American soil working as a bondsman
in the home of Mayor Kendall, a Southern gentleman
with his eye on a higher office. By chance one morning
before the dawn has broken, Tabitha and Dominick
cross paths on a misty beachhead, leading them on a
twisted path through kidnappings, death threats,
public disgrace, and . . . love? Can Tabitha trust
Dominick? What might he be hiding? And can either of
them find true love in a world that seems set against

This book caught my notice first cause it's about a midwife. Seeing how that's what I'm working on becoming, I am intrigued by anything dealing with midwives... Also, it's a Christian book. And it's a romance! Also it's a historical, and I am a HUGE history junkie! As I started reading the book, I caught on that it's a mystery too! It had all the things I like in a book! So yeah I was going to read it!

I LOVED Tabitha's character. She's very giving, and cares for others before she cares for herself. She learned the trade of being a midwife from her mother who learned it from Tabitha's grandmother and so on. Needless to say the trade of midwifery has been in their family for generations. And they always pass down the skills as soon as their daughter turns sixteen.
She's had a very tragic life. First her father dies when she was sixteen, then her mother dies when she's twenty. Right after her mother dies her fiance gets kidnapped and taken aboard a British naval ship. Then her grandmother dies shortly after that. So she takes on the role as midwife for her town. She also takes care of any medical need the town has because she's the only one in the town who knows medical stuff. So she has her plate full.
Then comes in Dominick Cherrett. He's British, and is a redemptioner in the town of Seabourne. A redemptioner is someone who has disgraced their family and needs to pay it back by working. Dominick is working off his as butler for the mayor of Seabourne.

I LOVE the scene when they first meet. Tabitha has just come back from a birth, and is walking home. The way she goes is on the shoreline of the ocean. She's deep in thought and does not notice Dominick standing there.

"What do we have here?" The quiet voice was real and male, deep and unmistakably English. "Are you all right?" He sounded friendly even warm, and not threatening. "Let me help you." Still speaking in an undertone, he stooped before her. She saw no more than a shadowy outline and dark hair tumbling around features pale in the misty gloom.
"No, thank you. I can manage myself." She tugged at her skirt and nearly toppled sideways.
"You don't look to be doing a very good job of it." Laughter tinged his words. The hand that clasped hers was masculine, strong and too smooth to belong to a fisherman of sailor. "Perhaps you can get to your feet if I help? Do you have feet? There does seem to be something trailing behind you. Perhaps it's a tail. Are you a mermaid?"
Tabitha snorted and tried to wrench her hand away. Flirtation would get the stranger nowhere with her. The instant she regained her feet, she would run back to town and warn the sheriff.
If the man let her go. At that moment, he gripped her hand with a firmness suggesting he would not.
"I'm not certain whether or not that noise you made was human." He closed his other handover hers. "But this lovely hand hasn't any scales on it, which argues on the side of silk." He rubbed the tip of a finger across her knuckles, and the skin along her arms felt as though lightning were about to strike. "What's a human female doing out for early?"
"Going home. What's an Englishman doing in Virginia?"
"President Madison hasn't managed to rid these shores of all of us yet."
"A pity."
"Ah, a hostile mermaid."
"I'm not hostile. I'm cautious and worn to a thread." Her voice broke.
"You must have been swimming against the tide. " Speaking with a tenderness that drew all-to-ready tears to her eyes, despite her contrary efforts, he rose, drawing her to her feet with him. "No, not a swim. Alas, a fatigued female human. That's a cloak, I see, not a tail. Forgive the mistaken identity. But I'd expect to see a mermaid out here before I'd think to fins a... lady."
"An understandable error. I wouldn't be out here if I weren't a midwife."
"Indeed?" His hand lingered on hers, that errant fingertip tracing the third finger on her left hand.
"Then that's the last proof you're a human, since surely mermaids are hatched in the bottom of the ocean." He curved his hand over her forearm. "Then allow me to walk you home, Madam Midwife.".... "Have a care, Madam Mermaid Midwife."

I LOVED that scene. It shows the readers first off that Dominick is a 1800's Don Juan. He flirts openly with every woman. Though he does not do anything else besides flirt. He's a charmer, and knows how to use his charms on the women. Until he gets to know Tabitha, does he find that he really liked Tabitha, and when he flirts he means every word he says!

On another note, my reviews will be a little slower. I have started my Birthing Doula classes, and will be spending most of my time on the course. I will still do my reviews but they will be less frequent.

Emily's Rating Of This Book:

My next book will be Shades Of Earl Grey by Laura Childs.

God bless!

Monday, February 13, 2012

An Eye For An Eye - Irene Hannon

Summary Of This Book:
Can their relationship survive a killer with vengeance
in his heart?
After an accidental shooting during a tense standoff,
FBI Hostage Rescue Team member Mark Sanders is sent
to St. Louis to work as a field agent and get his
bearings while the bad press settles. Just weeks away
from returning to Quantico, Mark has a chance
encounter with his first love, Emily Lawson.
But their reunion is cut short by a sniper.
Now Mark must find the shooter before he strikes again.
But what is his motive--and who was his intended
target? Can Mark put the pieces together, keep Emily
safe, and rekindle a relationship at the same time?

I read the first book in this series Against All Odds and I liked it. So I decided to read the next book in the series An Eye For An Eye. The description of the book got me intrigued.
I did like it, but I didn't love it. I got hooked on the first chapter, cause it's in the shooter's perspective. But then it got dull. Then it got interesting. Then it got dull again. Then at the end it got interesting again. It was like a roller coaster. It went up to exciting then down to dull. Up and down.
I did LOVE the banter between Cooper, or Coop as he's known and Mark. They've been partners for four years so they know each other pretty well. Coop was assigned bodyguard to Mark, cause they think the shooter is out for Mark. So Coop has to follow Mark wherever he goes. Which is funny cause while their trying to find the shooter, Mark is trying to woo Emily. :D So Coop follows Mark to Emily's condo because Mark wants to spend time with her.
I liked Emily's character. She's sweet and compassionate and cares for everyone she can. She even feels sorry for the shooter, when they catch him.
But would I say I loved this book, no. But it was a good book. I do LOVE Irene Hannon's work.

Emily's Rating Of This Book:

My next book will be Lady In The Mist by Laurie Alice Eakes.

God bless!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

First Impressions - Debra White Smith

Summary Of This Book:

Loosely based on the beloved Pride and Prejudice,
Debra White Smith's First Impressions weaves a
spellbinding, modern-day tale on the challenges
and rewards of love.

Eddi Boswick has just settled in Texas to establish
her law practice. Joining a local theater group, she
is thrilled when she is given the role of Elizabeth
in Pride and Prejudice.

William "Dave" Davidson III amassed a fortune in the
computer industry but leads a quiet life on his ranch.
On a dare he tries out for the play and lands the
role of Darcy.

Sparks fly each time the lawyer meets the rancher.
When Eddi uncovers Dave's secret will her heart
soften? Will Dave's fear of "being tamed" keep him
from discovering love?

Okay, I LOVE Jane Austen anything, so when I heard this book was based on Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice, I was all over this book! :D Then I found out Debra did an entire series of books that were based on Jane Austen's classics! I was giddy!
I loved reading the book and pointing out certain things that related to P & P. The storyline lined up perfectly with P & P. I loved this book! Sure this is a modern twist on P & P, but the plot was still completely P & P.
Eddi was very much Elisabeth Bennet. Her personality and her characteristics were very much like Jane Austen described Elisabeth. And Dave, SO Darcy! I had so much fun reading about Dave, he was Darcy through and through! That's why I liked him so much! When I read P & P, I loved Darcy. Yes he was distant, and sometimes rude but the underneath... He was very sweet and romantic! As with Dave.
I loved Dave's friend Calvin! He was based on Darcy's friend Charles Bingley. He was SO funny! I remember one of the conversations Dave and Calvin had about Eddi that was FUNNY!

“Oh, so we’re not commenting on the lawyer?” Calvin teased. “Why not?”

Dave remained silent.

“Whatsa matter?” Calvin blurted. “Are you afraid of her?”

A caustic laugh bounced around the porch. “Yeah, right,” Dave retorted.

“Or maybe you’re worried she’s too smart for you! Ha!” Calvin laughed. “That’s a good one.”

“Oh, shut up, ” Dave groused. “If you must know, Eddi Boswick would have to be way more classy to keep my attention for long.”

When in truth, Dave had liked Eddi from the beginning. What intrigued Eddi to Dave was she was the only girl who did not throw herself at him.

If you're a Jane Austen fan then you're gonna LOVE this book! I cannot wait to read the other books in this series!

Emily's Rating Of This Book:

My next book will be An Eye For An Eye by Irene Hannon.

God bless!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hometown Hearts - Jillian Hart

Summary Of The Book:
While summering in Wild Horse, Wyoming,
Dr. Adam Stone's young daughters gain an immediate
hold on veterinarian Cheyenne Granger's heart.
And the tall, handsome newcomer brings with him quiet
whispers of fairy-tale endings. But Cheyenne had
given up hope of a blissfully-ever-after when her
boyfriend walked out on her. And Adam is busy nursing
his own broken heart. Yet the girls are determined to
draw the two together. Is it possible there's a happy
ending—involving a family of four—in their future
after all?

I have read every one of Jillian Hart's The Granger Family Ranch series. And I love reading about this family! I was just waiting for Cheyenne's story and now I've read it! Cheyenne was by far my favorite character in the whole series. She's sweet, sassy, spunky, and funny! I loved reading about her making fun of Adam because he was from the city and now he's living in the country. He didn't even know how to deal with cows in the middle of the road! LOL
I loved Julianne and Jenny! They were SO cute! Julianne especially! She has such a kindred spirit. She wants to save every animal that's in trouble. :D
I also loved reading the continuation of all the previous couples in the series. Like Justin Granger and Rori Cornell, Autumn Granger and Ford Sherman, and Tucker Granger and Sierra Baker. And throughout all of those the father of the family Frank Granger and Cady Winslow.I loved reading about how Frank finally found the woman who will be true to him and won't walk out on him. And in this book he finally proposes to Cady!

Emily's Rating Of This Book:

My next book I'll be reading is First Impressions by Debra White Smith.

God bless!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Gunpowder Green - Laura Childs

Summary Of This Book:
The indigo Tea Shop, Charleston's favourite spot of tea, has just come out with its latest flavour: Gunpowder Green. Theodosia Browning cannot wait to hear its praises as it is unveiled at the annual yacht race. But when she hears the crack of an antique gun meant to end the race, a member of Charleston's elite falls dead. Theodosia has a hunch that his demise was no accident - and will go out of her way to prove it. But if she doesn't act fast, Theo will find herself in hot water with some boiling-mad Charlestonians - and more than a little gun-chai . . .

I loved the first book of this series! And I LOVE this book! I mean a book with tea and mystery? Oh, yeah!
In this book Theodosia's reputation of crime solver has gotten big, since she solved a mystery a couple months ago. Someone comes to Theodosia to help her brother get his named cleared for the murder of Oliver Dixon. So Theodosia puts on her detective hat and gets to work. Theodosia goes to extreme lengths to help this girl. Unfortunately, Theodosia goes a little too far. She is threatened by one of the suspects! Then her tea shop is threatened by another one of the suspects.
In this book Drayton does something at the Indigo Tea Shop that sounds SO good! He does a mystery tea! Pretty much you go to the shop and you eat fancy food, drink delicious tea, and solve a mystery! So cool! I want to one!
There's not much I can say about this book without giving away something important. Just know it's a good book.

Emily's Rating Of This Book:

On another note, my health declined Thursday night. I woke up Thursday night, coughing really bad, and with a MAJOR headache. I have to note I have headaches EVERY SINGLE day, but this headache was NOTHING like those. It was like the one I have every time my Pseudo Tumor Cerebri acts up. I walked out of my room just going to get some cough medicine. But when my mom saw me she said I was really pale (I also get really pale when it acts up). She asked me to check my eyesight, cause that was the deal breaker. If my eyesight is blurry I need to go back to the hospital. I checked my eyesight, and it was blurry, especially my right eye, which was the one that caused me a lot of trouble. I told my mom and she said that's it I'm calling the doctor (Yes we have my special doctor's cell phone number). The doctor called the hospital, and set it into motion. So at 11:30 PM we headed off to the hospital. I was checked in but the hospital was on red alert, so I had to wait. It was not till 3:30 AM that I got a room. So in short I was MISERABLE for five hours till I was able to get some pain medicine. They decided to wait till the morning to do the spinal tap. At about 9 in the morning I was rushed into a surgical spinal tap. Making my total to eight spinal taps, and 35 holes in my back. My opening pressure was 25, which is high, but not as high as the first time. They took off 18 ccs of spinal fluid and made the pressure to 16. So I was sent home, a couple hours after the spinal tap. My back is still swollen and it HURTS but at least I'm home!

My next book will be Hometown Hearts by Jillian Harts.

God bless!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Michael Vey: Prisoner of Cell 25 - Richard Paul Evans

Summary Of This Book:
To everyone at Meridian High School, fourteen-year-old
Michael Vey is nothing special, just the kid who has
Tourette's syndrome. But in truth, Michael is
extremely special--he has electric powers. Michael
thinks he is unique until he discovers that a
cheerleader named Taylor has the same mysterious
powers. With the help of Michael's friend, Ostin,
the three of them set out to discover how Michael
and Taylor ended up with their abilities, and their
investigation soon brings them to the attention of
a powerful group who wants to control the electric
teens--and through them, the world. With only his
powers, his wits, and his friends to protect him,
Michael will need all his strength to survive....

I was asked to critique this book on a local radio station! I was over the moon ecstatic! I was personally asked by the person of the radio station! It's a way to use my interest for something! So I was ordered a copy and I set to work reading!
This book is SO out of the genre I usually read. But I LOVED it! It got me hooked by the first chapter, and I don't think I was ever unhooked from it! I wasn't sure I would like it, cause it's not the kind of book I would read.
I loved that the main character, Michael Vey, wasn't some popular kid like how it usually is. He's picked on and he also has Tourette's syndrome. But what most people don't know about him is he has a super power. He is electrical, and can shock people, or anything metal! And he's not the only one... Taylor Ridley, the most popular girl in school, also has a super power. She can reboot people, making them forget what their doing. She can also read minds as long as she's touching the person. When she finds out Michael's like her, she is determined to find out how they are like they are. She then finds out that they were born in the same hospital, just a couple days apart.
Michael and Taylor team up with the help of Michael's super genius friend Ostin, to find out how they became electrical. They find out that there's ten other kids just like them!
One of my favorite characters in the book other than Michael and Taylor was Ostin, Michael's friend. He was hilarious! His brain is FILLED with some useless some very interesting facts. If you say one thing he will go into a monologue of that specific thing! A lot of times Michael or Taylor would stop him from rambling on. Ostin kinda reminded me of one of my friends. He is wickedly smart, and knows A LOT of facts! Maybe that's why I liked Ostin so much! :D Also Ostin thinks he's a ladies man, but really he's not. He hits on every girl, including Michael's mom! He was constantly saying to Michael "Dude, your mom's hot!" LOL
Even though this book is TOTALLY different than what I usually read I cannot wait for the next book in the series! You can bet I'll be waiting impatiently for August!

Emily's Rating For This Book:

This rating does not even come close to the awesomeness of this book! But that's as high as my rating goes is five stars, but just know I would give it MUCH higher!

My next book is the next book in the Tea Shop Mystery series by Laura Childs, Gunpowder Green.

God bless!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Sheriff's Surrender - Susan Page Davis

Summary Of The Book:
A murder in Fergus, Idaho, has the town’s women scared.
But the men don’t seem able to stop the rash of thefts,
assaults, and vandalism that follow. Half a dozen
women band together to arm themselves against trouble.
The gunsmith's plain sister, the emporium's owner,
a couple of rancher's wives and saloon girls take
their shooting lessons seriously. The men are
skeptical at first and slightly amused. The new
minister's wife shocks the town by joining the club,
and other women follow her lead. When they show no
sign of letting up on their drill, the men beg the
sheriff to disband the club and put their women back
where they belong. Those are fighting words to the
ladies. Domestic rebellion threatens until a new
murder grabs everyone's attention. Will the sheriff
and his men find the killer and put him away?
Or will that honor belong to the Ladies'
Shooting Club?

Susan Page Davis is a new author for me. The series was recommended to me so I thought I'd give it a try. It sounded really cool! I mean tough women with guns, yeah, that's interesting!
Unfortunately, the book did not hold up to my expectations... It was slow going, and I personally did not like that it kept switching to characters who were not the main characters. It kept going to Cyrus Fennel, who by the way was not a character I would choose to keep going to his thoughts. I did not like him from the minute the author introduced him into the story.
I did like Gertrude A.K.A Gert, A.K.A Trudy (Just to Ethan though :D)character. She's tough, not the typical woman you'd read of. She's not into all the frippery other women are into, she dresses practical, not trying to show off to anyone. AND she's a crack shot! Which is one of the things I admire in Gert's personality.
She also dropped everything to go Idaho, to help her brother who was grieving the loss of his wife. She loves her family, and she's compassionate to others. She was by far the best character in the WHOLE book! But the next best was Ethan Chapman.
Ethan DID NOT want to be sheriff, but he stepped up anyway so the town of Fergus would be safe. And on a personal level, he secretly did it because he saw the fear in Gert's eyes, which is hardly in Gert's eyes. He's always secretly admired Gert, and through the book it slowly grows. Has it grown to love? Not yet, but I'm hoping to see that in the next book The Gunsmith's Gallantry.

Emily's Rating Of This Book:

The next book will be completely different from ANYTHING I've ever read! But I was asked to read it and critique it on a radio station, so that's the next book. It's called Michael Vey: The Prisoner Of Cell 25 by Richard Paul Evans.

God Bless!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Snowflake Bride - Jillian Hart

Summary Of The Book:
Grateful when she's hired as the Davises' maid,
Ruby Ballard vows to help save her family's farm.
There's just one problem: the boss's handsome son,
Lorenzo. He makes her forget family duty, forget her
lowly place, even forget her friends who are in love
with him! But his love is a gift that could never be
hers—not even for Christmas.

Lorenzo knows Ruby is the only woman he could marry.
Yet the quiet beauty refuses his courtship.
As the holidays approach, he will make both their
wishes come true, when he claims her at last as his
snowflake bride.

I've read all the other books in this series, and I liked them all. Everything about them. Ruby was introduced in Meredeth's story, Patchwork Bride . I liked Ruby from then on. Ruby was the shy new girl just trying to fit in. I can relate to that. I'm terribly shy, and I try SUPER hard to fit in. She also struggled with she thought she was plain and no guy is gonna look at her with adoring eyes. Again I can relate, I don't think I'm pretty, personally, I hear people say I am but I don't believe them. I think all girls struggle with this. It's hard to think that a really handsome guy is gonna turn our way.
Ruby struggled with the same thing. She secretly liked Lorenzo, but she figured a guy like that is never gonna like her, the plain shy new girl.
On the other side, Lorenzo said he fell in love with Ruby the minute he saw her. But he thought since she never showed any interest in him she didn't like him. So they both thought the other would never like the other, when in truth they both loved each other.
I understood how Ruby was feeling, but I did get frustrated with her when she was constantly saying Lorenzo would never love her. Then she continued to say she shouldn't love him, cause Scarlett and Kate had a crush on him. But you can't help who you love. Especially with he's the one God made for you!

"Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth." -
1 John 3:18
I thought Lorenzo showed this in the book. He did things for Ruby not to get noticed, but because he loved Ruby and he wanted the best for her. He would go out of his way just to help Ruby. I thought that was just SO sweet! I definitely want a Lorenzo Davis in my life! :D

Emily's Rating Of This Book:

My next book is a new series for me. The Ladies' Shooting Club. The first book is The Sheriff's Surrender by Susan Page Davis.

God bless!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lonestar Angel - Colleen Coble

Summary of the book:
For Eden, hope is rekindled when her estranged husband
delivers the astounding news: that their lost baby girl
has been found.

Years ago Eden and Clay Larson's baby was stolen.
Kidnappers demanded a ransom, but something went
horribly wrong at the exchange: the kidnapper's car
crashed into the river and was never recovered. Eden
blamed herself, Clay lost himself in work. Their young
and rocky marriage ended. Or so Eden thought.

Now she's met Kent. He's everything Clay wasn't: funny,
stable, and eager to please her. Just as he's about to
propose marriage at a romantic dinner, Clay arrives
and tells Eden she can't marry Kent. She's still
married to him. He never signed the divorce decree.
Even more earth-shattering than this news is that he's
never stopped looking for Brianna. Based on a tip, he
thinks their daughter is in Bluebird, Texas, at a
youth ranch. All five little girls there are the right
age, but he's not sure which is Brianna.

To discover the truth, the couple becomes counselors
to the girls at Bluebird Ranch. They move into small
quarters in the bunkhouse and oversee the kids as they
try to find out more. As they work together, their
love for the children grows and their love for each
other is rekindled. But as danger closes in, Eden and
Clay realize they've been lured to this remote West
Texas location; their lives and the lives of the
little girls are in danger. But as Eden learns,
"hope does not disappoint."

Okay I have to say I LOVE Colleen Coble's writing style. She intertwines romance, suspense, and comedy all in one! Every book I read of hers I love. I read the first three books in this series and I LOVED them. All the books in the series deals with convenient marriages. So this book was different then all the others. But I still liked it. Did I love it? No. But I did like it. It did catch me in the first chapter and had me clinging on till the very end.
I felt sorry for Eden for all the trials she went through in her life. From having a bad mother who abandoned her, being in foster care till she was eighteen, losing her daughter, and her marriage falling apart. She finally gets her life turned around after all the tragedy. Until Clay enters her life again and her world is turned upside down with his declaration of their daughter still being alive! And then that their still married! Eden is pulled into Clay's search for their daughter at the Bluebird Ranch, a ranch that takes in foster kids to help them. They find out that their daughter is one of the kids at the ranch.
They decide to work as counselors for the ranch. A lot of things happen but I'm not gonna mention them cause I don't want to spoil anything! :P
I wish I knew what it was about the book that made me not love it like the other books in the series. I did like it, but I can't say I loved it. But all in all I still LOVE all books by Colleen Coble, and I cannot wait to read future books by her!

Emily's Rating Of This Book:

My next book will be the next book in the series Buttons and Bobbins by Jillian Hart, Snowflake Bride.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Finally A Bride - Vickie McDonough

Summary of the book:
Jacqueline 'Jack' Davis is a reporter for the Lookout Ledger bent on discovering the truth and nabbing her story at any cost. When Noah Jeffers comes to Lookout as a temporary pastor, Jack suspects there may be something hidden beneath his shepherding ways. Soon, though, Jack begins to be attracted to the new pastor despite her initial hesitation. But as she uncovers the truth, will this story cost her too much? Will she reveal what she's uncovered or keep it hidden to protect newfound love? Carly Payton returns to Lookout after years in prison, hoping to rebuild her life there. But she soon discovers that new beginnings and second chances are not always easy to find. Garret Corbett is determined to marry--but not to a jailbird like Carly. When Carly is equally repelled by Garret's prank-playing ways, will the two see past their dislike and give each other--and love--a second look?

Again I LOVED the other two books in this series and the last one :( did not disappoint.
"In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the riches of His grace." - Ephesians 1:7
With this book this verse stuck out. Carly Payton is out of jail for what she did while she was stuck in her outlaw brother's gang. She could not find a way out of his gang so she was forced to stay in. She spent six years in jail for what she did, and was made new in Jesus Christ. She hopes to be accepted by the town of Lookout, but sadly only a few people accept her. When she gets back to Lookout, people still see her as the outlaw she was when she first came to the town impersonating one of the brides the Corbett brothers had ordered for Luke Davis, their cousin. At first Garrett snubs her, thinking she's not changed. Until he gets to know her more and starts falling for her. Carly is attracted to Garrett as soon as she first laid eyes on him after ten years. They soon fall in love once Garrett see the diamond under Carly's rough exterior.
I loved reading about how Jacqueline, 'Jack' has grown up. She's now a reporter for her town's newspaper. She always figured she would never marry. She never really trusted guys, because of what her first father did to her and her mom Rachel. It's taken ten years for Jack to really warm up to Luke, and accept him as a good guy that won't hurt her or her mom.
Enter Noah Jeffers the town's new pastor. The verse above fits for Noah's story too. As a kid he did a lot of bad things. Until he accepted Jesus Christ as his savoir then he was made new. He lived in Lookout as a kid and now is back. When he's back he tries to reconcile for what he did as a kid. Jack instantly is attracted to him though she won't admit it. Noah secretly liked Jack when he was just a kid, and when he sees her again he falls head over heels in love with her, pretty quickly. They both slowly come to grips about the feelings they have for each other. Noah makes it pretty clear he likes Jack, but she's weary of him, at first. Jack slowly starts to open up to Noah. Until he tells her who he really is!
All in all I love this series and I was sad to see it end. Vickie McDonough know how to write western romances!

Emily's Rating Of This Book:

My next book will be the newest book in the Lonestar series by Colleen Coble, Lonestar Angel.

God Bless!

Second Chance Brides - Vickie McDonough

Summary of the book:
After a mail-order bride debacle, both Shannon O'Neil and Leah Bennett find themselves stranded in Texas. There are only two options available to them: get a job or find another man to marry. The Corbett brothers, Garrett and Mark, try to atone for the mess they created when they ordered their cousin three mail-order brides by hosting Saturday socials for the town's eligible singles. Will Shannon, the Irish immigrant, be wooed out of her timidity by the gallant rancher Rand Kesler? Or will Mark Corbett recognize something special in her green eyes? When the livery owner comes to Leah's rescue, will she find a diamond in the rough? Or snub him and seek out a more well-to-do man? The Lookout citizens are in for a wild ride before wedding bells toll again in town.

Sorry it so long to upload this review. Since school has started I have less time to blog. Also I started a job babysitting a little girl I even less time.

I read The Anonymous Bride months ago and could not wait to read the second book in the series. I loved The Anonymous Bride and fell in love with the characters. I could not help but feel sorry for Shannon and Leah as their stranded in a strange town and alone. Their only option is to either find a job or marry.

I loved both Shannon and Leah's characters. Shannon with her quiet personality, but don't get her mad or you'll see her Irish temper come out full swing! And Leah, with her strong-willed take charge personality.
Along with the Corbett brothers. Mark with his silent, mature personality until it comes to his brother pulling pranks on him then his temper comes out as well. I like Mark because he's compassionate, and gentle. And Garrett, who never quite grew up, and is a little boy in a grown mans body. I like Garrett because he likes to enjoy life and never take some things to seriously, he likes to live in the moment.

I loved that Vickie continued the story with Rachel and Luke as well. I loved reading about their story and I like that I can continue reading about their story with the second book. But I liked that she kept the focus on Leah and Shannon's love stories.
"Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool." - Isaiah 1:18
That verse kinda stuck out to me when I was reading this book. Mark felt he was a bad person for something he did in the past. Clearly our sins are made as white as snow because of the grace of God. Mark struggles to remember that he is made new in Jesus Christ. He almost loses Shannon because of his struggle.

Emily's Rating For This Book:

My next book is the last book in the Texas Boardinghouse Brides series Finally A Bride.

God Bless!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Dining With Joy - Rachel Hauck

Summary Of This Book:
Joy Ballard has a secret:
she's a cooking show host who can't really cook.

When her South Carolina-based cooking show, Dining With Joy,
is picked up by a major network,
Joy Ballard's world heats up like a lowcountry boil.

Joy needs help. Then she meets chef Luke Davis
who moved to Beaufort after losing his Manhattan restaurant.
A cook at the Frogmore Cafe,
he's paying debts and longing to regain his
reputation in the elite foodie world.

Luke and Joy mix like oil and water…until
Joy is exposed on national television.
With her career and his reputation both under fire,
they'll have to work together to fix the mess.
Is it possible that they can learn to
feast on God's love and dine with joy?

This book caught my eye while I was browsing through my local library. I've never heard of Rachel Hauck before, so she's a new author. I was just blankly looking at ALL the books on the shelf, let me tell you, my paradise is just walking through a library! :D But I was walking around just browsing and found this book, read the description of the book, and thought it sounded interesting.
Let me tell you, the description did not disappoint. I was hooked by the first chapter, and never got unhooked! I loved reading about the back and forth between Joy and Luke. It was comical and sweet at the same time, if that makes sense. Joy brought out the funny, class-clown in Luke, and Luke brought out the inner cook in Joy. He helped her see that her dad, did care about her, did things just for her. Helped her get over the bitterness she held toward her dad.
I think my favorite part of the book was when Joy was unsuspectingly put into a Cook-Off with her nemesis Wenda Divine. Luke steps in to help her and out of the gratefulness she felt toward him came out in a passionate kiss in the middle of the Cook-Off!
If this book is any indication of Rachel Hauck's other books, then I'll be definitely reading other books by her!

Emily's Rating Of This Book:

My next book will be Second Chance Brides by Vickie McDonough.

God Bless!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Cowboy's Touch - Denise Hunter

Summary of this book:
Four years ago, rodeo celebrity Wade Ryan gave up his
identity to protect his daughter. Now, settled on a
ranch in Big Sky Country, he lives in obscurity,
his heart guarded by a high, thick fence.

Abigail Jones isn't sure how she went from big-city
columnist to small-town nanny, but her new charge is
growing on her, to say nothing of her ruggedly
handsome boss. Love blossoms between
Abigail and Wade--despite her better judgment.
Will the secrets she brought with her to Moose Creek,
Montana separate her from the cowboy who finally
captured her heart?

Denise Hunter was recommended by another author I read Colleen Coble. So I gave her books a try. I have loved every book I have read by her.
This is the first book in the Big Sky Country series. She already has the second book out and I can't wait to read that one too!

I loved reading about Abigail and Wade's love story. It was not like the typical love stories I've read in the past. Of course with love stories the ending is pretty predictable, and you know at the end their going to get together. I know that going into every romance novel I read. But I can't help it, I love reading about happily-ever-afters. I like to read about people finding the ONE God has chosen for them. With this book Wade thinks all girls are the same. Because of his first marriage, he has sworn off women. Obviously, his first wife was not the one for him, so you wait for the one God has chosen. Doesn't mean you swear off women, you wait and when it's time God will bring her into your life. That happened to Wade, for five years he did not even look at a woman. Until Abigail came into his life then he couldn't stop thinking about her. He was instantly attracted to Abigail.
Abigail went into the nanny job, doing it to have something to do, while visiting her Great-Aunt Lucy, in Montana. But as the time flies, Maddy grows on Abigail, and so does Maddy's dad Wade. Abigail is right off attracted to Wade, and doesn't know why. He scowls all the time and is VERY distant. He keeps everyone at arms length. But she was still intrigued by him.
I did like the book, but I didn't like that Abigail kept her job, a reporter, a secret from Wade. When she found out he was J.W Ryan, instead of wanting to write an article about him she should have confronted him and told him then. And Wade should have told Abigail who he was when he started having feelings for her. But he didn't. I got annoyed with both of them, because of it.

Emily's Rating Of This Book:

My next book will be Dining With Joy by Rachel Hauck.

God Bless!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hometown Sweetheart - Lenora Worth

Summary of the Book:
Seven unruly kids have moved next door to
Simon Adams's mountain cabin. On a church retreat,
these rambunctious rascals and their perky teacher,
Shanna White, prove to be too much for one reclusive
craftsman to handle. Plus, they're a big reminder of
everything Simon lost, especially his chance for
marriage and family. All he wants is to be left alone,
but soon he's drawn in by the kids' shenanigans—and by
Shanna herself. Can a brooding mountain man and a
sweet lady live happily ever after?

This is a take on the classic fairy-tale Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs. My sister read this before me and she LOVED it so I decided to read it as well. As I read it I noticed certain things that were similar to Snow White's story. Like the seven kids Shanna has in her care. Her name, Shanna White. She had a evil stepparent. So I enjoyed reading it and finding the similarities between the two stories.
I also enjoyed reading about Simon's change of heart. It was refreshing to see. He was SO reclusive, did not want to associate with anybody! Until Shanna and the seven kids moved next door for a week. He was instantly attracted to Shanna which scared him. He has never been attracted to any woman other than his late wife. He liked Shanna's personality, she was funny, and perky, and so full of life. She always found something to smile about. Which is kinda like me, I always think there is reason to smile. Even when your world is crumbling, there is ALWAYS something to smile about. It's better to smile your way through life than hide away and frown.
Shanna saw in Simon's eyes something deep inside him that was hurting and she longed to erase that sadness in his eyes. When she found out what happened to him, she promised herself she would find some way to heal the grief inside Simon. She slowly inched herself into his life and gradually thawed his heart. As she thawed his heart she also inched herself right into her heart. He fell for her hook, line and sinker. In return Shanna fell for him fast. In a week's time Shanna and Simon fell in love with each other. Their love story was so sweet to read.

Emily's Rating of This Book:

The next book I'll be doing is A Cowboy's Touch by Denise Hunter.

God bless!