Monday, February 13, 2012

An Eye For An Eye - Irene Hannon

Summary Of This Book:
Can their relationship survive a killer with vengeance
in his heart?
After an accidental shooting during a tense standoff,
FBI Hostage Rescue Team member Mark Sanders is sent
to St. Louis to work as a field agent and get his
bearings while the bad press settles. Just weeks away
from returning to Quantico, Mark has a chance
encounter with his first love, Emily Lawson.
But their reunion is cut short by a sniper.
Now Mark must find the shooter before he strikes again.
But what is his motive--and who was his intended
target? Can Mark put the pieces together, keep Emily
safe, and rekindle a relationship at the same time?

I read the first book in this series Against All Odds and I liked it. So I decided to read the next book in the series An Eye For An Eye. The description of the book got me intrigued.
I did like it, but I didn't love it. I got hooked on the first chapter, cause it's in the shooter's perspective. But then it got dull. Then it got interesting. Then it got dull again. Then at the end it got interesting again. It was like a roller coaster. It went up to exciting then down to dull. Up and down.
I did LOVE the banter between Cooper, or Coop as he's known and Mark. They've been partners for four years so they know each other pretty well. Coop was assigned bodyguard to Mark, cause they think the shooter is out for Mark. So Coop has to follow Mark wherever he goes. Which is funny cause while their trying to find the shooter, Mark is trying to woo Emily. :D So Coop follows Mark to Emily's condo because Mark wants to spend time with her.
I liked Emily's character. She's sweet and compassionate and cares for everyone she can. She even feels sorry for the shooter, when they catch him.
But would I say I loved this book, no. But it was a good book. I do LOVE Irene Hannon's work.

Emily's Rating Of This Book:

My next book will be Lady In The Mist by Laurie Alice Eakes.

God bless!

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