Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hometown Hearts - Jillian Hart

Summary Of The Book:
While summering in Wild Horse, Wyoming,
Dr. Adam Stone's young daughters gain an immediate
hold on veterinarian Cheyenne Granger's heart.
And the tall, handsome newcomer brings with him quiet
whispers of fairy-tale endings. But Cheyenne had
given up hope of a blissfully-ever-after when her
boyfriend walked out on her. And Adam is busy nursing
his own broken heart. Yet the girls are determined to
draw the two together. Is it possible there's a happy
ending—involving a family of four—in their future
after all?

I have read every one of Jillian Hart's The Granger Family Ranch series. And I love reading about this family! I was just waiting for Cheyenne's story and now I've read it! Cheyenne was by far my favorite character in the whole series. She's sweet, sassy, spunky, and funny! I loved reading about her making fun of Adam because he was from the city and now he's living in the country. He didn't even know how to deal with cows in the middle of the road! LOL
I loved Julianne and Jenny! They were SO cute! Julianne especially! She has such a kindred spirit. She wants to save every animal that's in trouble. :D
I also loved reading the continuation of all the previous couples in the series. Like Justin Granger and Rori Cornell, Autumn Granger and Ford Sherman, and Tucker Granger and Sierra Baker. And throughout all of those the father of the family Frank Granger and Cady Winslow.I loved reading about how Frank finally found the woman who will be true to him and won't walk out on him. And in this book he finally proposes to Cady!

Emily's Rating Of This Book:

My next book I'll be reading is First Impressions by Debra White Smith.

God bless!

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