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The Sheriff's Surrender - Susan Page Davis

Summary Of The Book:
A murder in Fergus, Idaho, has the town’s women scared.
But the men don’t seem able to stop the rash of thefts,
assaults, and vandalism that follow. Half a dozen
women band together to arm themselves against trouble.
The gunsmith's plain sister, the emporium's owner,
a couple of rancher's wives and saloon girls take
their shooting lessons seriously. The men are
skeptical at first and slightly amused. The new
minister's wife shocks the town by joining the club,
and other women follow her lead. When they show no
sign of letting up on their drill, the men beg the
sheriff to disband the club and put their women back
where they belong. Those are fighting words to the
ladies. Domestic rebellion threatens until a new
murder grabs everyone's attention. Will the sheriff
and his men find the killer and put him away?
Or will that honor belong to the Ladies'
Shooting Club?

Susan Page Davis is a new author for me. The series was recommended to me so I thought I'd give it a try. It sounded really cool! I mean tough women with guns, yeah, that's interesting!
Unfortunately, the book did not hold up to my expectations... It was slow going, and I personally did not like that it kept switching to characters who were not the main characters. It kept going to Cyrus Fennel, who by the way was not a character I would choose to keep going to his thoughts. I did not like him from the minute the author introduced him into the story.
I did like Gertrude A.K.A Gert, A.K.A Trudy (Just to Ethan though :D)character. She's tough, not the typical woman you'd read of. She's not into all the frippery other women are into, she dresses practical, not trying to show off to anyone. AND she's a crack shot! Which is one of the things I admire in Gert's personality.
She also dropped everything to go Idaho, to help her brother who was grieving the loss of his wife. She loves her family, and she's compassionate to others. She was by far the best character in the WHOLE book! But the next best was Ethan Chapman.
Ethan DID NOT want to be sheriff, but he stepped up anyway so the town of Fergus would be safe. And on a personal level, he secretly did it because he saw the fear in Gert's eyes, which is hardly in Gert's eyes. He's always secretly admired Gert, and through the book it slowly grows. Has it grown to love? Not yet, but I'm hoping to see that in the next book The Gunsmith's Gallantry.

Emily's Rating Of This Book:

The next book will be completely different from ANYTHING I've ever read! But I was asked to read it and critique it on a radio station, so that's the next book. It's called Michael Vey: The Prisoner Of Cell 25 by Richard Paul Evans.

God Bless!

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Rissi said...

I think I have a book or two in this series but I haven't read them yet. They look cute but also like they might be on the edge of sappiness. =D