Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Longing - Karen Kingsbury

Summary of this book:
Longing, book three in the Bailey Flanigan Series, picks up where Learning ended. After a long and lonely silence from Cody Coleman, Bailey Flanigan becomes closer to her one-time Hollywood co-star, Brandon Paul. Nights on the town in New York City and long talks on the balcony of Brandon's Malibu Beach home make Bailey dizzy with new feelings and cause her to wonder if her days with Cody are over forever.
Meanwhile, Cody's work coaching a small-town football team has brought him and his players national attention. In the midst of the celebration and success, Cody finds himself much closer to a woman who seems to better understand him and his new life. Even so, never does much time go by without Bailey and Cody experiencing deep feelings of longing for each other, longing both for the past and for answers before they can move forward.Will an unexpected loss be the turning point for Cody? Will Cody and Bailey find a way back together again for the first time in more than a year? And if they do, will their brief time together be enough to help them remember all they've been longing for?

I have been waiting to read in book for a LONG time!! I first read about Bailey Flanigan in Karen Kingsburys series Above The Line. I loved the character of Bailey, she was so down-to-earth, and kind and dedicated to her faith. I was over the moon thrilled she decided to make a series based on Bailey! Bailey was my favorite character in the series, even though she wasn't the main person! :D
I have read all the books in the Bailey Flanigan series now!! But this is the first I have reviewed.
In the first book I was totally on Team Cody and thought Brandon should take a hike! :P I loved Cody, but the more I read the more I saw Cody was not right for Bailey cause every time something happened Cody would run. Brandon on the other hand he did everything he could think of to prove his love for Bailey.
So as the series went on I transferred to Team Brandon! As I saw more of Brandons personality I saw he was right for Bailey. He's funny, sweet, kind, spontaneous (if you read this book you'll see that), and thoughtful. He brings out the best in Bailey and she brings out the best in Brandon. It's a match made in Heaven!
With Cody when he ran, he found someone else too. But unfortunately she was not the ONE for him. But he finally got closure with Bailey. They both realized that they weren't in love with each other but in love with the idea of the other. Cody saw Bailey as the perfect, innocent girl and thought he was in love with her. Bailey had a crush on him since she was a freshman in high school, and thought it turned to love. She saw Cody was a hero, and looked up to him. But in the end of this book they found closure, and agreed to slowly go back to friends. The motto of the series is “When a boy pursues you, he better do it like a dying man looking for water in a desert. When it's the right guy, you'll know, because he'll cherish you.” and I think it shows in this book who is the right guy for Bailey.
I LOVE Karen Kingsbury books and this book was no exception. Y'all should definitely read the Above The Line series and the Bailey Flanigan series they WILL change your lives!

Emily's Rating Of This Book: A DEFINITE five stars!!

The next book I'll be doing is Hometown Sweetheart by Lenora Worth.

God bless!

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Rissi said...

Cannot wait to read this one either, Emily. (I am on book two right now.) I liked Leaving but there were certain things that I didn't think were very "polished" about Karen's story. Still if there is one thing to be said about her - her stories are very down-to-earth with characters that are easy to relate to.

Finally another reader who is "team Brandon"! I love him best right now... but am willing to admit that I might change my opinion in this third. HOWEVER, reading your thoughts, I very much doubt I will. =)