Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Choice - Nicholas Sparks

Summary of This Book:
Travis Parker has everything a man could want:
a good job, loyal friends, even a waterfront home in
small-town North Carolina. In full pursuit of the good
life -- boating, swimming, and regular barbecues
with his good-natured buddies -- he holds the vague
conviction that a serious relationship with a woman
would only cramp his style. That is, until Gabby
Holland moves in next door. Despite his attempts to
be neighborly, the appealing redhead seems to have a
chip on her shoulder about him...and the presence of
her longtime boyfriend doesn't help. Despite himself,
Travis can't stop trying to ingratiate himself with
his new neighbor, and his persistent efforts lead
them both to the doorstep of a journey that neither
could have foreseen. Spanning the eventful years of
young love, marriage and family, The Choice
ultimately confronts us with the most heartwrenching
question of all: how far would you go to keep the
hope of love alive?

I have to say I LOVE Nicholas Sparks! True I've only read two other books of his before this one, but still. You can love an author after only two books. I've only read The Last Song and Dear John. So obviously I was ready for a heartwrenching story.
This book there and beyond heartwrenching. It also left me a tad confused. The prologue was set in 2007, then the first chapter was in 1996. Then there was the Part 2 and that was in 2007 as well. Confusing keeping up. Nicholas kept me wondering what on earth happened to Gabby.
I love Nicholas Sparks but sadly this book is not one of his best. I loved the two other books I read of his. But this book I don't know just lacked something. At least this book didn't have a sad ending like The Last Song and Dear John. I did like Part 1, it kept me laughing and wanting to keep reading. But Part 2 lacked finesse.

Emily's Rating For This Book:

My next book will be a new author for me. A Billion Reasons Why by Kristin Billerbeck.

God bless!

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