Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I thought I'd update y'all on me.

My condition started with just a headache on Oct. 21 then two days later the nausea started than my neck started hurting the next day. I was taken to the urgent center thinking it was meningitis. At first the doctors thought it was just a virus sent me home saying just to wait it out. Well I was home for a week getting sicker and sicker till my eye sight got bad. I was seeing double and my vision was so blurry I couldn't see anything. I was taken back to the urgent center and they sent me to Saint Francis thinking it was meningitis again. I went through the emergency center and they did several tests on me and said it was definitely not meningitis but they did not know what it was.
Well I was diagnosed with Pseudo Tumor. That's when the brain thinks there's a tumor when there's not and makes A LOT more spinal fluid then the body needs. The fluid puts a ton of pressure on the brain, eyes, and spinal cord causing extreme pain in the head, neck and back.
I was admitted to the hospital on Oct. 30th. They did three spinal taps on me while in the hospital. I was released from the hospital a week later on Nov. 6th.
Well two days later the symptoms of the Pseudo Tumor came back. The headache, neck-ache, backache, nausea, and seeing double. I was admitted again to the hospital they did another spinal tap on me and I was discharged the next day. They then sent me to a eye specialist two hours away from where I live. I went straight from the hospital to the car for a two hour drive to the specialist. They said I could go blind in a matter of days or weeks! I was then sent home again. They put me on a medicine that hopefully will save my eye sight.
Four days later the symptoms came back. I was rushed to the hospital again and they did another spinal tap on me. I was discharged the next day. I had to go to the eye specialist again the next day after that. The swelling was sorta going down on my optical nerves meaning I was not going to go blind!
Well five days later the symptoms came back! I was AGAIN admitted into the hospital. By now my back was so swollen from all the spinal taps the doctors did not feel comfortable doing a spinal tap on me. They waited till the next day to do one. So I was in the hospital for three days this time. I was discharged again and sent home. They put me on another medication hoping this will keep the spinal fluid to a normal level. I am currently on seven medications hoping all these will keep me out of the hospital.
I have been out of the hospital for ten days now!! I am really weak this time cause the doctor who did my last spinal tap hit a nerve and now I'm weak, tired and my right leg hurts all the time now. But I'm getting stronger and I'm going to the eye specialist again tomorrow to test my vision. I praying I get a good review. Please pray I get a good review and don't have to take the two hour trip again.

That's all that's been going on with me for this long time. I promise I will get back to my reviews once I get the okay to read again. I was told reading would put strain on my eyes and they are trying to heal so no reading for me! But I will get back to it.

God bless!


Gwendolyn Gage said...

Oh, Emily! What an ordeal you've been through! I am praying with you for good news tomorrow.

Emily said...

I got a good report!! The eye doctor said the swelling in my optical nerves have gone down! They also said I can read again!! I'm so happy I'm jumping up and down praising the Lord!!