Friday, September 30, 2011

The Outlaw's Lady - Laurie Kingery

Summary from the back of the book:

She challenged his faith...
and stole his heart

Rebellious rancher's
daughter Tess Hennessy seeks adventure--
and that's what she gets when she's abducted
to chronicle the Delgado gang's exploits!
Yet her kidnapper, gang member Sandoval Parrish,
isn't what she expected.
There's more to the mysterious outlaw than he shows
--signs of gentleness and devotion that soften
Tess's heart.

Sandoval has one goal--retribution for the sister
Delgado ruined. He hasn't the time to fall for
the stubborn, beautiful photographer whose
pictures he needs as evidence.
But what can Sandoval do when his plan
puts Tess in danger? Torn between the drive
for revenge and a new-found love, Sandoval
will need his renewed faith to resolve the past...
and claim the future.

"Laurie Kingery brings
the west to delicious life in her
latest Steeple Hill historical!
THE OUTLAW'S LADY blends adventure,
faith, and a rich sense of place
in the story of Tess, a frontier photographer,
and Sandoval, a mysterious,
irresistible man who may be a villain—or
the love of her life. A wonderful read!"

I've realized I've only read historicals! I like modern times romances too!
Okay let me start off by saying I usually read about 2-3 chapters of the book before I go to bed, depending on how long the chapters are. Well with this book not the case! I just finished the book last night reading till 2:00 AM! It was SO good! Laurie Kingery KNOWS how to write! I felt like I was standing right next to Tess seeing and feeling everything she was! And I've always liked books where the main girl isn't some prissy, swooning ninny! Tess DEFINITELY has a back bone! And I LOVED Sandoval! The mysterious dark stranger type always catches my fancy! LOL I mean what girl wouldn't like a dark handsome "bad boy"? :P

Emily's Rating of This Book:

My next book will be His Holiday Bride by Jillian Hart.

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