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Flora's Wish - Kathleen Y'Barbo


May 1887—Flora Brimm is determined the fifth time is the charm. Back home she has a reputation as “Fatal Flora,” a woman whose previous four fiancés died in untimely accidents. Flora is desperate to marry, because producing an heir is the only way she can keep her family’s estate. She’s confident this visit to Eureka Springs with her grandmother will help her land a husband.

Pinkerton detective Lucas McMinn is hot on the trail of Will Tucker, the thief who broke his sister’s heart. When he discovers the slippery fellow with Flora, he thinks they are in on the devious plot together. Will Flora be able to convince Lucas of her innocence? Will Lucas catch the elusive Mr. Tucker?

And, more importantly, will Lucas survive if he pursues Flora’s heart?

About The Author:
Kathleen is a tenth-generation Texan and a mother of three grown sons and a teenage daughter. She is a graduate of Texas A&M University. Kathleen is a former treasurer for the American Christian Fiction Writers, and is a member of the Author’s Guild, Inspirational Writers Alive, Words for the Journey Christian Writers Guild, and the Fellowship of Christian Authors. In addition, she is a sought-after speaker, and her kids think she’s a pretty cool mom, too…most of the time, anyway.


I've read some other books by Kathleen Y'Barbo before and I really liked them.

This one was the same!

I LOVED Flora's character. The way she acted was hilarious! She was constantly doing things just because she knew Brimms' just don't so that! She danced in the rain on purpose because Brimms don't that. :D She constantly was defying her grandmother, well and Lucas too! Especially Lucas! But I also liked her sense of responsibility. She really wanted to marry for love. But since her first four fiances died. She thinks the best way to keep the family home, she'll just marry quickly, and quickly produce an heir. That's when she meets Will Tucker, who she thinks is the answer to all her problems.

Unfortuntely, Will Tuckers not all he says he is. Lucas McMinn is following Will Tucker, trying to get him arrested for his sister's sake. Catching Will Tucker is a personal vendetta for Lucas. Will Tucker was engaged to Lucas's sister, but he never showed up. His sister was so upset about that. I'm not going to say what happens next because it gives away a lot. :P

This is exerpt from the book that I found funny.

"Flora Brimm," Lucas said, "you need to turn around slowly and keep your hands where I can see them."
"Don't be ridiculous," she said.
"I've been called a whole lot of things in the commision of my duties as a pinkerton agent, but ridiculous isn't one of them."
"So now you're not just the law, you're a Pinkerton? If that's true, why didn't you admit to it last night?"
"Last night I had no reason to believe I needed to."
The lawman put hand on her shoulder and slowly turned her around to face him. "Get in the buggy. We're going t otake a ride."
"Not until I see a badge."
He regarded her with some measure of amusement. "You'll see a badge when I decide you're not going to take off and run\." One dark brow rose. "Remember, Fatal Flora, you're the one with the most to lose here."
"I demand you either release me or offer proof of your affiliation with the Pinkerton Detective Agency, Mr..."
"McMinn," he said as he peered down at her from uner the brim of his hat. "Lucas McMinn. Under other conditions I'd say I was pleased to make your acquaintance. The best I can do right now is tell you one last time to climb up into the carriage before I put you up there myself. Or I can put handcuffs on you and march you inside. The manager and a few of his employees have all confirmed my identity, and I'm sure they'll be glad to tell you that." He paused. "So will the sheriff for that matter. So do I pick you up and situate you in the buggy? Might cause a scene."
"You wouldn'y dare," she said, even though the expression on the rogue's face told her he would.
"Just like a fine lady like you wouldn't climb out a window to act as lookout for your boyfriend? Oh, excuse me. Your fiance. And you did. Last night. With me tailing you."

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My next book will be Petticoat Ranch by: Mary Connealy.

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