Saturday, February 2, 2013

Finally Getting Back Into It!

I have not blogged in FOREVER!! My life has been CRAZY to say it lightly. ;) I don't think I've blogged since before my first brain surgery. The last book I rated was Unlawfully Wedded Bride by: Noelle Marchand in March of last year. Since I last blogged, I've been in the hospital more than I've been out. I've had two brain surgeries and my count of lumbar punctures is now 20. And on top of that, some personal family issues have sprung up, that are so scary and unbelievable that I've had to stop a lot of things I used to do. Including this blog. It's only recently I realized how long it's been since I last blogged. I am hoping to continue this blog even through all that's going on. Lord willing, I don't go in the hospital again, but if I do, I'll just blog between the times I'm in the hospital. Without further ado here's my first book rating since March of 2012!

I chose my first book carefully. I just finished reading the last book in the Midwives series by Laurie Alice Eakes. I know I rated the first book A Lady in the Mist. (If you're interested in reading my rating here's the link. I didn't rate the second one Heart's Safe Passage, but just know that I gave that one a five star rating!


Esther Cherrett comes from a proud line of midwives and was trained by her mother to take over the family calling. But when a scandal threatens all she holds dear, Esther takes a position as a teacher in the western mountains of Virginia instead. There she finds herself in the midst of a deadly family feud and courted by two men on opposite sides of the conflict. When it seems as though her past has followed her all the way into the mountains, all she wants is to run away again. In this gripping story of trust, deception, and bittersweet loss, a young woman learns the true meaning of choices of the heart.

About The Author:

Laurie Alice Eakes used to lie in bed as a child telling herself stories so she didn’t wake anyone else up. Sometimes she shared her stories with others; thus, when she decided to be a writer, she surprised no one. Family Guardian, her first book, won the National Readers Choice Award for Best Regency in 2007. In the past three years, she has sold six books to Baker/Revell, five of which are set during the Regency time period, four books to Barbour Publishing, as well as two novellas to Barbour Publishing and one to Baker/Revell. Seven of her books have been picked up by Thorndike Press for large print publication, and Lady in the Mist, her first book with Revell, was chosen for hardcover publication with Crossings Bookclub. She also teaches on-line writing courses and enjoys a speaking ministry that has taken her from the Gulf Coast to the East Coast.

I LOVED this book! First of all it's Tabitha and Dominick's daughter Esther! Second it's got two guys fighting over her! I don't know about y'all but I love a good storyline that has guys fighting over one girl. I love reading about how the other guy tries to over do the other! It's also got some good mystery, humor, and great facts about herbal remedies. I've always been interested in the herbal medicine. It's fascinating how God knew exactly what we would need and he supplied it here on earth! So, any ailment, God provided a plant, root, bark, to help with it. And this book has a lot of that in it.

I had a hard time relating to Esther like I did with Tabitha and Phoebe (the other midwife book). She believes running away is the best way to solve her problems. It's SO not, I know I have some pretty hard situations in my life now, and I'd like nothing better than to run away from them and forget them. Maybe to Fiji, or the Bahamas! :P Unfortunately, you can't. Your troubles will just follow you. As Esther found out. She tried running away from the troubles and the whispering behind her back. She did run away from them and got away from them psychically. But, they followed her in her guilt and her head. The only way to really get away from them is to release them to God, and let Him handle it. And she had a hard time doing that. She believed God abandoned her. I understand that feeling. Now I never felt He abandoned me, but I did feel like I did something wrong to get what I'm going through in life. I've since realized that He put it into my life to make me stronger, and really trust in Him, and always go to Him in times of trouble!
Now I won't spoil the book and say who she chooses, but just know the guy she chooses is my favorite! :D

Emily's Rating:

My next book will be Stand In Groom by Kaye Dacus. I tried one other book of hers but I did not like it. I'm giving her another chance!

God Bless!

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Rissi said...

Welcome back, Emily.

I'm like you with Kaye Dacus. She's never been my most favorite author. Sad since her plots are always adorable!