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Menu For Romance and Case For Love by: Kaye Dacus

Sorry that this will be the last two books in one blog, but some personal problems crept up and I forgot to blog the Menu For Romance.

Cater to your craving for fabulous fictional fare with Menu for Romance, where a party planner finds herself torn between the contractor and the cook. After eight years of unrequited love, Meredith Guidry makes a New Year's resolution to find someone new and end her single status before the year's over. And when she meets a handsome contractor on New Year's Day, it seems like her prayers have been answered. Executive Chef Major O'Hara has forsworn relationships, knowing he could never saddle the woman he loves with a family situation like his. But when it seems he's about to lose Meredith Guidry to another man, he realizes he must concoct a menu for romance to win her back.

About This Author:
Kaye Dacus is an author and editor who has been writing fiction for more than twenty years. Pursuing her passion for writing, she earned a Master of Arts in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University. She is a former Vice President and long-time member of American Christian Fiction Writers, and is also a founding member of Middle Tennessee Christian Writers. Kaye lives in Nashville, Tennessee, and writes contemporary and historical romances. Her books are available at most major retailers.

I'll start with my review of Menu For Romance.
I was not impressed by this book. The entire book you read Meridith complaining that she was in love with Major, but she didn't want to be so she made a New Year's resolution to not be single and get over Major. But that didn't happen. So what did she do throughout the ENTIRE book? Constantly nag that she had feelings for Major but did nothing with them! Then when it was in Majors point of view he complained about having feelings for Meridith but did nothing about them either! For eight years they had feelings for each other but neither of them did anything about it! That was SO annoying. I hate it in a book that they have feelings for someone and does nothing about them.

I did like Majors mom though. She has schizophrenia and sometimes she just says what shes thinking. I like that in a person. I never have to know what they think about me cause they'll just tell me. :D She also is really into John Wayne. That's also a plus cause hello, old movies especially westerns is where its at! :P

Over all I can't say I much enjoyed this book. It was not as good as the other one.

Emily's Rating:


TV society reporter Alaine Delacroix feels like David facing Goliath when she takes on the biggest corporation in town to keep them from putting her parents’ garden center out of business. Lawyer Forbes Guidry wants nothing more than to stand up for the endangered local-business owners—but it will mean risking his job and crossing his powerful parents. Can Alaine and Forbes make A Case for Love?

I did like this book. It was kinda like Alaine was playing hard to get even though she really wasn't. She liked Forbes from the beginning. I mean watching him jog in their neighborhood in the morning? She likes him. And he's liked her from the beginning too. In the second chapter he asks her out. She is a little flirtatious there and plays hard to get and doesn't essentially say yes or no. But after she finds out that it's his family that's trying to buy the place her family's store and house is, she considers him the enemy. Even though he knew nothing about it and when he did find out he tried to get to the bottom of it. He also tries to woo her even though she gives him the cold shoulder. She tries REALLY hard to not like him and not fall for him, but he's persuasive and won't take no for an answer. :D He even gets her to agree to take ballroom dancing lessons with him.

Even though Forbes is really controlling and tries to be in everybody's business, he means well. He does it cause he wants the best for his family. This book was the best of them all.

Emily's Rating:

The next book I'll be rating is A Tailored-Made Bride by: Karen Witemeyer.

God Bless!

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